Monday, 11 January 2016


The joint Skype meeting of the UK Korean Friendship Association , the Juche Idea Study Group of England and the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK held at 6-30pm on the 9th of January 2016 agreed to carry the following resolution on the recent successful H bomb test of the
Democratic People's Republic of Korea ;
Firstly , we congratulate the DPRK on its successful H bomb test on the 6th January 2016 which is a just self-defensive measure which has struck a great blow against US imperialism and other reactionary forces. The H bomb test is a response to the increasing US threat and pressure. The DPRK's H bomb test is a product of self-reliance and a proud achievement of Juche Korea. The H bomb test is testimony to the correctness of the Songun(army first ) policy,It is an event that is cheered by anti-imperialist and revolutionary people the world over
Secondly, we condemn the hypocrisy of the US and other imperialist powers . The US has a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons and has carried out 1,000 nuclear tests. The DPRK carried out the H bomb test on its own territory whereas the French imperialists carried many nuclear tests in the south Pacific many thousands of miles away from their own territory. We also denounce the revisionists for taking issue with the DPRK's just self-defensive measure and slandering the supreme leadership and social system of the DPRK as well the role of certain big powers who are serving the interests of imperialism.
Thirdly, noting that the US imperialists and other reactionaries including the south Korea puppets are intensifying anti-DPRK moves such as the imposition of more sanctions and the resumption of anti-DPRK psychological warfare broadcasts we resolve to increase our solidarity with People's Korea and call on the wider progressive and labour movement to support the H bomb test and rally around People's Korea.

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