Tuesday, 12 January 2016

All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks supports DPRK H bomb test

The DPRK has produced hydrogen bomb test

Workers of all countries, unite!
First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea
The first chairman of the DPRK National Defence
Supreme Commander of the Korean People's Army
Marshal of the DPRK
Kim Jong Un
Pyongyang, North Korea
Dear Comrade Kim Jong-un!
On behalf of the Central Committee of the CFS congratulate you and through you, the heroic Korean people to create powerful new weapons, weapons of protection and prevention of global formidable aggressor - US - experimental hydrogen bomb based on domestic scientific research and technology.
Possession of atomic and hydrogen bombs and the availability of means of delivery using existing Korean scientists developed intercontinental ballistic missiles designed to cool the ardor of the American hawks to any armed venture against the DPRK. Possession of the hydrogen bomb will reduce substantially constant tension on the Korean peninsula caused by the actions of both the United States and South Korea's rulers.
We welcome regular scientific achievements of Korean scientists and engineers to ensure the independence of Korea, increasing the country's defense and peaceful work of the people inspired by creation of a prosperous socialist state.
N. Andreeva
General Secretary of the CFS
January 6, 2016.

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