Friday, 15 January 2016

Open Letter to the Morning Star

Dear Sir or Madam,

On behalf of the UK Korean Friendship Association (UK KFA ) I wish to make a formal complaint against the Morning Star for the deeply offensive and racist cartoon vilifying the Supreme Leadership of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on Saturday the 9th of January . I understand that this cartoon was not actually the work of the "Morning Star " itself but a syndicated cartoon from the US media  drawn by a right wing Slovak cartoonist with a track record for producing racist cartoons denigrating immigrants.

To insult the supreme leadership of the DPRK is to insult the entire people of the DPRK  as they respect and uphold the supreme leader, respected Marshal Kim Jong Un , as the centre of unity . The cartoon was deeply racist as well.
It has long been a tactic of the US Central Intelligence Agency to denigrate and ridicule opponents of US imperialism. By publishing the cartoon the Morning Star , the so called "people's daily " did their dirty work for them.
 Moreover the "Morning Star " indulging in one sided gross censorship has suppressed letters in support of the
DPRK's H bomb test  which is a just self-defensive measure that has struck a great blow against US imperialism . Does the "Morning Star " believe that the DPRK should lay down its weapons and allow itself to be invaded by US imperialism just like Libya and Iraq  ?

We demand the "Morning Star " make a full apology to the DPRK and the Workers' Party of Korea , this should be printed in bold type in the paper . Also those responsible for taking the decision should be dismissed from the staff of the paper.

yours faithfully

Dermot C Hudson
Official Delegate and Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
Earlier letter sent in support of the DPRK Nuclear test but not published

Dear comrades
I thought I had picked up a copy of the "Guardian " when I read the article
"North Korea: Pyongyang slammed over ‘H-bomb’ test"(M Star  7th of January ) . I had to turn to the front cover to check that I was reading the " Morning Star " , the successor  to the Daily Worker  , which I believe actually supported the first Hydrogen bomb test of the former Soviet Union. Sadly , the "Morning Star " does not follow in the footsteps of its most illustrious predecessor but refers to a socialist country as a "despotic regime " , using the terms of reference of the capitalist media.
   The article appears to be content with quoting statements from China  and also from the DPRK's enemies such as Japan (which is led by an ultra rightist conservative government ) but ignores much of the DPRK government statement particularly the most important part which states "  The DPRK, a responsible nuclear weapons state, will neither be the first to use nuclear weapons nor transfer relevant means and technology under any circumstances as already declared as long as the hostile forces for aggression do not encroach upon its sovereignty.
    There can neither be suspended nuclear development nor nuclear dismantlement on the part of the DPRK unless the U.S. has rolled back its vicious hostile policy toward the former.
  The Morning Star article appears to advocate the one sided unilateral disarmament of the DPRK and fails to see that the DPRK nuclear deterrent is a response to increasing US hostility. The article fails to mention that the US has a stockpile of 7,000 to 10,000 nuclear warheads , a 1000 of which are stationed in south Korea. The DPRK does not keep nuclear weapons in other countries and does not have military bases outside its country.
  Maybe one day we can look forward to the "Morning Star " returning to the tradition of anti-imperialism and support for socialist countries that was the hallmark of the Daily Worker.
         yours fraternally
 Dermot Hudson

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