Monday, 11 January 2016

Revisionists Slander People's Korea and vilify the supreme leadership of the DPRK


The "Morning Star " the so-called "people's daily "and "paper of the left " which of course in reality is just the daily paper of burnt-out modern revisionism which is increasingly trying to pander to the Trotskyites and trendies on Saturday 9th published published an unbelieably vile cartoon attacking the supreme leadership of the DPRK which is even worse than the one in the New Yorker (which people are denouncing as racist) . Research showed that the cartoon was the work of a right wing racist cartoonist and was syndicated.

Earlier the revisionist Morning Star  had published an article taking issue with  the H bomb test and quoting verbatim the big power chauvinists .

This time they have really gone too far  really have  gone to far!!!
It is worth quoting the great leader President KIM IL SUNG on revisionism.

"The revisionists are the agents of the imperialists. At present the imperialists are using the revisionists as their stooges in their manoeuvres to spread counter-revolutionary, non-class ideologies within our ranks and to soften up our camp."

   The "Morning Star " has sided with imperialism against the DPRK. It is not following the tradition of the "Daily Worker " which supported the socialist countries and campaigned strongly against the Korean War ( to the extent that one Daily Worker journalist had his British passport revoked) .

The "Morning Star " is the fading star of modern revisionism,

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