Thursday, 7 January 2016

The echoes of the US-a comment

"neighbouring countries condemn north Korea " ??? What does this spin from the imperialist media amount to ?. Lets look at such "neighbouring countries " . Firstly , south Korea which actually is not a neighbour of the DPRK but an artificial puppet state created by US imperialism on the southern half of the Korean peninsula , it could be argued that the south is really the territory of the DPRK , the only legitmate state on the Korean peninsula founded by the will of the Korean people. South Korea has no independence , it is a colony of the US. If it was independent instead of parroting the condemnation of its US overlord and reichproketor it would simply build its own nuclear weapons. South Korea is occupied by 40,000 US troops who steal, rape and murder and keep 1,000 nuclear weapons in south Korea . Then there is Japan across the water from the DPRK. What can be said about this racist, fascistic and deeply chauvinistic state that colonised Korea for decades brutally oppressing the Korean people and plundering Korea of its resources. Of course Japan is not going to be happy about the increasing military strength of the DPRK. Then there are the two big powers on the borders of the DPRK . Some regard the Russian Federation as anti-imperialist but in reality socialism was destroyed in the former Soviet Union by modern revisonism and Putin is anti-communist . The rulers of Russia do not like the DPRK's socialism and they harbour ideas of big power chauvinism towards the DPRK and do not believe it should buildup strong defence potenials. China also thinks that the DPRK should not build up its defences and should not confront imperialism . China has sold out to imperialism by "opening up " and acts like a docile and lazy revisionist panda in front of US imperialism . As the Chinese president Xi said ""Our two countries(China and US) should understand and respect each other, expand common ground and properly handle differences, and respect and accommodate each other's core interests and major concerns," this is outright colloboration with US imperialism ! . So much for these neighbouring countries, their condemnations count for nothing and are just an echo of US imperialism.

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