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Today as we approach the Day of the Shining Star , the 76th anniversary of the birth of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL , the climate for peace and reunification on the Korean peninsula has taken a turn for the better .Previously there had been much talk about a second Korean war , a third world war and a 'limited nuclear war', however thanks to the dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN the clouds of war on the Korean peninsula are dissolving , although the crazed US imperialist warhawks still hover around the Korean peninsula ,waiting for the chance to start a war .Seeing the scenes at the Winter Olympics with athletes from the DPRK and south Korea marching under the single blue and white unified Korea flag , I reflected on the great work that the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL had done for Korean reunification based on independence .
  It was in June 2000 that a plane carrying the then ruler of south Korea. Kim Dae Jung, touched down at Sunan Airport , Pyongyang .This was the first ever inter-Korean summit to be held after 55 years of division . It seemed unbelievable it was happening !A joint declaration was adopted by the DPRK and south Korea on June 15 , this had far reaching repercussions . The icy glacier of division started to melt and a new era of inter-Korean co-operation came about , known as the June 15 Era . However this did not come by itself, it was the fruit of the hard work of the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL who worked day and night for the independent reunification of Korea , it was the fruit of the idea of By Our Nation Itself  and the fruit of the Songun(army first )policyadministered by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL .
   In the summer of the 1994 an inter-Korean summit had been proposed , however the great leader
comrade KIM IL SUNG ,the sun of the Korean nation, passed away unexpectedly before the summit could take place .Instead of showing respect , the crazy south Korean puppets put their armed forces onto high alert ,this was the equivalent of levelling guns at a house in mourning .Worse still the south Korean fascist puppets banned south Koreans from going to the DPRK to mourn the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG.This kind of insane and insulting behaviour by the south Korean puppet regime dashed any hope of inter-Korean dialogue.
  However the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL was a determined fighter for the independent reunification of Korea .He wrote many works on the issue of reunification such as "Let Us Struggle 
Resolutely to implement the three principles of national reunification ", Let Us Carry Out the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung’s Instructions for National Reunification " and "Let Us Reunify the Country Independently and Peacefully through the Great Unity of the Entire Nation" . He clarified the DPRK 's basic line for independent reunification  saying that “The three principles of national reunification, the ten-point programme of the great unity of the whole nation and the plan of establishing the DFRK constitute the three charters of national reunification by which Comrade Kim Il Sung elaborated the basic principles and methods of national reunification into an integral system on the basis of his great Juche idea and his valuable experience of the struggle to reunify the country.
  On the 24th of November 1996 comrade KIM JONG IL visited Panmunjom , the fearful place symbolic of Korea's division . He looked around the monument to President KIM IL SUNG 's signature .The visit to Panmunjom showed the will of comrade KIM JONG IL for Korean reunification.
 By pursuing the line of Songun, the policy of army first , comrade KIM JONG IL strengthened the independent force for reunification.As comrade KIM JONG IL pointed out  "Songun politics, which is imbued with the principle of national independence and the spirit of love for the country and the people, our policies for national reunification based on it and our positive efforts gave rise to the historic Pyongyang summit, followed by the adoption of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, and the further development of inter-Korean relations of reconciliation and cooperation in several sectors. The trend of struggle against the US and other foreign forces and for independent national reunification is mounting to a crescendo on an unprecedented scale in south Korea"
 So basically without Songun there would have been no June 15 joint declaration nor a October 4 Declaration and no 'June 15 era ' nor would today's inter-reconciliation  have taken place. Unity comes about through strength not weakness.
 On the day of his birth , we remember the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL as the lodestar of
the independent national reunification of Korea !
 Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman,Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association UK.

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