Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Int'l Conference for Study of Songun Politics Held in Bangladesh

Pyongyang, February 28 (KCNA) -- The "International Conference for the Study of the Songun Politics-2018" was held in Dhaka on Feb. 15 under the co-sponsorship of the International Central Committee for the Study of the Songun Politics and the Bangladesh Group for the Study of the Songun Policy to mark the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il.

Attending it were personages of political parties and public organizations of different countries, including C. P. Mainali, general secretary of the C.C., Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) who is former deputy prime minister of Nepal, M. Jahangir Khan, chairman of the Bangladesh Group for the Study of the Songun Policy, Suneet Chopra, secretary general of the All-India Indo-Korean Friendship Association, and Javid Ahmad, chairman of the Kuwait Asian Journalist Association, members of Juche idea study organizations and the DPRK ambassador to Bangladesh and his embassy officials.

M. Jahangir Khan made an opening address to be followed by speeches of C. P. Mainali, Suneet Chopra and others.

They said that the conference is of weighty significance as it is held on the occasion of the 76th birth anniversary of Kim Jong Il.

They praised the immortal feats of Kim Jong Il who reliably defended Korean-style socialism and strengthened the military strength of the country in every way with his unique Songun politics.

They stressed that thanks to the tremendous military power provided by Kim Jong Il, the DPRK is exercising its sovereignty in the international arena with dignity and steadily advancing along the road of independence and socialism without reading other's face.

A signed document supporting the DPRK was conveyed to the DPRK ambassador at the conference. -0-

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