Sunday, 18 February 2018

KCNA Commentary Slams Vicious Farce of Trump Group

Pyongyang, February 18 (KCNA) -- The Trump group has become extremely embarrassed by the atmosphere for inter-Korean reconciliation daily mounting as occasioned by the 23rd Winter Olympics.

A typical example is the "possibility of defection" of our personnel dispatched to the south which is given much publicity through U.S. media.

CNN and CBS of the U.S. reported that more than 500 north Koreans are staying in south Korea, "better-off and free", and the north side authorities are closely monitoring them because of the possibility of their "defection" during the Olympics.

They even said that north Korean athletes attempted "defection" in the middle of international games in the past, adding if the similar thing happens, the north can not but be embarrassed and the south side authorities may be put in an awkward situation.

By putting into use the defectors of sportsperson and artiste origin, they went vicious to shake the pure minds of our people through such rhetoric as "round-the-clock surveillance" and "the first look at the rich and democratic neighbor".

The rubbish made by CNN and CBS is a hideous anti-DPRK farce being orchestrated at the instruction and under the manipulation by the Trump group including the Central Intelligence Agency, upset by the present north-south relations wrapped by enthusiasm for reconciliation and unity.

In his recent "state of the union address", Trump viciously slandered the DPRK while raising "human rights issue". Not content with it, he met "defectors from the north", and the vice-president visiting south Korea took human scum to the "Warship Cheonan Memorial" where he made vituperation against the DPRK, shocking the world.

The wild act of the Trump group keen on turning the Olympics, symbol of peace, into a theatre for confrontation with the DPRK would only reveal its dirty nature as the kingpin of plot-breeding.

The Trump group bluffed about "calm before storm" and "fire and fury". Now it is using such human scum for the petty scheme.

Tragic is that the Trump group is going reckless, not realizing the transparent faith of the Korean people in socialism which can never be imitated, their mental power based on single-minded unity and the Koreans' strong desire for improved north-south ties and reunification.

The Trump group had better not exhaust themselves, giving up the pipe dream of "collapse of the system in the north" which can never come true.

It has to bear in mind that the south Koreans and all other Koreans see through the dirty nature of the U.S. as a cancer-like entity standing in the way of peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula in its perverse and obstructive acts of chilling the efforts for the improvement of the north-south ties.

The U.S. must no longer go arrogant to interfere in the internal affairs of the Korean nation. -0-

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