Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Deceptive Trick Will Never Help Win Public Support: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- A change has been observed even among the dedicated supporters for the conservatives amid struggle against conservatives mounting as never before in south Korea recently.
The support rate for the "Liberal Korea Party" in Taegu and North Kyongsang Provincial areas, that have traditionally been a support base for the conservative forces, has gone into a tailspin and a chain of secession from the party has been witnessed among the conservative party members. More than 1 000 citizens submitted applications for accession to the political party that stands for democratic reform.
Every Saturday has become a date for mass rallies demanding the disbandment of the "Liberal Korea Party" in Taegu City, in particular. There took place a funeral ceremony for the "Liberal Korea Party" outside Taegu City and the North Kyongsang Provincial party building on July 7, drawing the public attention.
This is a clear reminder of the aversion toward the puppet conservative forces as they are only keen on seizing power while resorting to sycophancy, treachery, dictatorship, corruption and irregularities. This clearly proves that there is no more foothold for the conservative forces.
Contempt and distrust in the conservative and traitorous party have reached the height in Taegu and Kyongsang Provincial area, which had been called "citadel of conservatives".
The regional sentiment which the puppet conservative forces have persistently built up since the days of "yusin" dictatorship is nothing but a trick to maintain their power after barring the south Koreans from achieving unity and coming out for struggle.
Traitor Lee Myung Bak raked up supporting votes in the region under the plea of "commitment to building southeast new airport", a new airfield which it promised to build to meet the air transport demand in North and South Kyongsang Provinces. But after taking office, he nullified the commitment.
Even traitor Park Geun Hye did not hesitate to do such an act of pressing for THAAD deployment, threatening the life and security of citizens and hindering the regional development in collusion with the U.S.
After the "regime change", the truth behind Park Geun Hye-Choe Sun Sil scandal was brought to light and the conservative forces as a whole, including the "Liberal Korea Party," "Parun Party" and the "Association of Love for Park Geun Hye", have faced a downfall, being locked in internal discord. This has touched off greater disillusion.
The change seen in the regional mindset proves that nothing can check the trend of the times toward justice and truth, and that the ruin of the conservatives is inevitable as they pursue regional conflict and confrontation between the fellow countrymen.
What matters here is the act of the present ruling forces which made a "commitment to great unity of progress and conservatism and regional development of Kyongsang Province."
Even though they cry out for the abolition of evil doings dating back to the period of Park, the ruling forces have taken an ambiguous stand toward the THAAD issue, one of the biggest evil doings. Recently the ruling forces mapped up a plan to additionally deploy in Songju four THAAD launching pads that had been kept in the U.S. military base in south Korea under the pretext of "threat" from somebody, only to reveal their dirty colors.
This is an open challenge and an undisguised perfidy to the candlelight demonstrators. No artifice can help gain public mind-set.
The south Korean authorities had better draw a serious lesson from the ruin of the conservative forces. -

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