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Contribution of Prof Dr Harish Gupta of the International Insitute of the Juche Idea and Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea to the meeting of the JISGE on 29.07.2017

 It is an arduous ,challenging and time consuming  task to trace  the fight of independence of any country and here with reference to Korea, permit me to acknowledge, that  it is studded with so many events of valor ,successes and failures that it would take hours to narrate them In brief I would like to say that this country the land of  “Morning Calm” was occupied by the callous tyrannical and  unscrupulous Japanese in 1910. Naturally the innocent and peace loving Koreans were subjected to worst type of tyranny which a colonial power lets loose on its subjugated people .But then a time comes when the soil of the land produces a man of vision, a hero, a person with exceptional grit and determination to throw out the tyrant. In our scripture we say that when the Dharma or righteousness suffers  and evil doers get ascendency then  in order to emancipate the suffering people I (God Incarnate) come down to earth to emancipate the suffering people. In our context it was Lord Krishna,  but otherwise the history of mankind is dotted with such valiant and brilliant people, to name a few –Garibaldi, Lenin. Gandhi. etc, Here this soil produced the Great Kim Il Sung –Our eternal President, who with his  single minded resolve and determination fought against the brute Japanese and threw them out of the Fatherland bag and baggage,
Our Great President born in a poor family  on 15 April 1912 was named as KIM JONG SU . But seeing the spark and his great leadership qualities his young comrades called him HAN BYOL  meaning Morning Star But later the  young communist comrades gave him the name KIM IL SUNG meaning The Sun. To narrate this incident or the fact I appeal to you to  appreciate the great leadership qualities which he had  right from the start such as organizational skill ,ability  to inspire others. and charging them with the unquenchable spirit of attaining the freedom and driving out the tyrant Japanese. This change of name was not stage managed. It was spontaneous urge springing  from the hearts of his comrades in arms as can be gauged by the fact that this young boy even in his school days formed  a secret Reading circle for the study of  the works of Marx and Lenin’, and  formed  in October 1926 a secret society named Down with Imperialism.
  So In fact right from his childhood he was imbued with the strong and burning desire to liberate his fatherland from the callous and tyrannical vice grip of Japanese. He worked incessantly to achieve this goal . The War Lords/feudal lords got the wind of his activities and he was interned in the jail . But in May 1930 he was released from the jail . Since he was a man of vision and a man with exceptional leadership qualities he thoroughly understood that his struggle against the steel grip of Japanese can only be successful if he enlists the common man - the masses and here in 1930 the great Juche Idea was proclaimed . We find that through out his struggle against the Japanese  he always enlisted the help of  people.,and this fact can be understood if we look at the outfits organized by him . He formed  Anti Japanese People’s guerilla Army which was later rechristened as Korean People’s guerilla Army. He formed Anti Japanese Women’s Association and even Children  he enlisted women, youth, children peasants and workers in his struggle against the Japanese. So we find that he always sought full support of almost every section of the society i. e the common man or the masses and with his dynamic and magnetic personality he got it in abundance. He could inspire his people to such an extent that in order to communicate with others and send their message far and wide  they inscribed them on the trees and  they were labeled as singing trees. He also formed guerilla troops who would harass the enemy and then suddenly disappear. It was called Circling Operation. With his magnetic and imposing personality  this  Great man – the Sun of the 20th Century endowed with an exceptional insight and farsightedness made his struggle against the Japanese  the struggle of the masses. In his war efforts he could also get the help of Russia as Japan was their common foe. And in August 1945 the Korean People’s Army and the Soviet troops jointly launched the final offensive against the Japanese troops on August 9, 1945 and the Japanese surrendered. And with this Korea attained its independence on Aug 15,1945 It was the end of the arduous and very trying struggle which was started in April 1932 with many ups and downs under the brilliant leadership of the great President rightly called the Sun of the 20th century. Here I have no t tried to narrate numerous events which took place in this long arduous struggle over a period of about 13 long years as in a lecture there is always a constraint of time . those interested in details can refer to lots of literature available in this regard.

 But the matter of fact is that the ordeal had just started and not yet finished. The voluptuous and monstrous USA could not digest the emergence of  a Democratic Socialist Country . It was a pain in their neck ,and opposed to their very cardinal but dear principle of foisting an imperious and dominative world order in which the voice of USA would reign supreme. , And then as it always happens, with the help of traitors who are found every where and all the time, they managed to buy Syngman Rhee and in the name of fair play and human rights invaded North Korea. Friends it was a war between two inequals  On one side was the mightiest power of the earth equipped with atomic weapons tested and used very recently against Japan and on the other hand a nascent state which had very recently freed itself from the callous and tyrannical rule of Japanese . Koreans under the great leadership of Comrade Kim Il Sung were almost unequipped ,semi trained- an army of young men and women who were ready to do and die for the independence of the fatherland .They were less in number and at the same time also stabbed in the back by the traitor South Koreans who had virtually sold themselves off to the power and pelf of the US  And then there was the US army well equipped with the ultra modern weaponry and well trained soldiers. Actually in figurative terms it was a battle between David and Goliath. But  the   ill equipped, semi trained soldiers of North Korea under the leadership of Eternal President Kim Il Sung bitten by the bug of patriotism , fully dedicated,  ready to shed their last drop of blood and sacrifice their life at the alter of the Fatherland with a burning spirit of living in freedom , to breathe in free air  and to  live with independence were ready to create history.   Perhaps they were imbued with these words of Tagore:
Where the mind is  without fear and the head is held high
Into that heaven of freedom ,My Father, let my country awake
And  a war was waged between US assisted by its allies traitor Syngman Rhee  against the valiant North Koreans. The David in spite of all his shortcomings proved to be more than a match to the combined forces of US and South Koreans. They had to lick dust repeatedly despite the fact  that they were commanded from time to time by such renowned generals as MacArthur, Ridgway, Clark, Walker, Van Fleet and Dean.  And to subjugate the brave and fearless North Koreans  even the most barbarous forms of weapons such  as bacteriological and chemical  were used
For the members of the audience who are interested in greater details, I would request them to read Kim Il Sung Encyclopedia Part 1  To cut short my presentation in view of the limitation of time I would like to reproduce the most authentic conclusion of the war in the words  of General Clark Commander of United States forces when he signed the armistice. He says :
   In carrying out the instruction of my Govt. I gained the unenviable distinction of being the first United     States Army Commander in history to sign an armistice without victory.
I suffered a sense of frustration that was shared , I imagine, by my two predecessors general Douglas MacArthur and Mathew Ridgway” .
Friends this is the  big war of Korean liberation or the war to keep the flag of liberty flying high  and the struggle is continuing even today.  
Now a word about the economic hegemony of the capitalist society. In the name of globalization which ensures gains to the capitalist countries they have started free trade draining the wealth of poor countries out and stuffing their coffers. The economist says it is another ploy of foisting their superiority on the weaker nations .The countries who oppose them have to suffer from economic sanctions and trade blockade. Korea is a living example of the same. Sanctions imposed upon it are meant to force it to accept the unholy dictates of the colonialists headed by USA. But be it said to the uprightness and strong will of the Korean people that in spite of this serious economic blockade they are facing the ordeal with grit and determination but not selling their hard earned independence to the brute designs of the Imperialists headed by USA.
 In order to prove my contention I would seek your indulgence to have a look at what two great authorities on the issue have said. Jorrge Heine (holding the Chair in global governance at the Balisthe  School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Ontario and Ramesh  Thakur Professor of Political Science , University of Waterloo) say:
“The deepening of poverty and inequality- prosperity for a few countries and people ,marginalization and exclusion for many-has implication for social and political stability among and within states. The rapid growth of global market has not seen the parallel development of social and economic institutions to ensure balanced inclusive and sustainable growth…………-global rules on  trade and finance are inequitable . This has asymmetric effect on rich and poor countries”   
 Now very briefly about the launching of Hwa Song 14 missile. Here I am reminded about the preamble of UN Charter which guarantees sovereignty to member states, Now the objection of US and other axis powers to the testing of these missiles means abject interference with the sovereignty of Korea. And if we see it in the context of what these Imperialists and monopolistic countries are doing themselves we find them hoarding the most devastating nuclear weapons which can destroy this planet several times They constantly hold a threat to us, the smaller countries - and in view of this if we also develop our weapon to pay them back in their own coin then where is the fault. It is purely a deterrent . It is not for any attack but to pay you back in your own coin. And even then if we are labeled as the danger to the world then any impartial judge can say who is at fault. “ Is it not a case of “Devil teaching scripture.” The history of Korea is the history of non aggression. It is now a country with a strong socio political set up imbued with the principle of granting every individual his/her freedom. Equality with peace rules the roost, It is that Utopian land where education is free, health services are free , there is no beggar, no arson and no  interference with the individual liberty . Real and true democracy prevails here and since it does not bow down before the imperious designs of the Imperialists ,it is an eye sore for them and a pain in their neck. It is for my friends here to decide about the Justness of such a State

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