Monday, 7 August 2017

Set free conscientious prisoner!

18 civic bodies including the Seoul Progress Solidarity and the Seoul Civil Rights Solidarity, held a news conference around Cheongwadae on July 21, demanding the south Korean authorities release all prisoners of conscience on the occasion of August 15.
The speakers demanded the authorities set free at once all prisoners of conscience, including the chairman of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, who were suppressed during the Park Geun-hye regime, and abolish all deep-rooted evils for democracy and human rights.
It is a plausible excuse of the present government that it said it is not proper time to acquit the prisoners of conscience, they charged.  
As long as the people are imprisoned for the mere reason that they fought against dictatorship, a genuine democracy cannot be realized, they noted, stressing that they should open the door of jail by dint of the candlelight resistance which led Park Geun-hye’s impeachment.
A rally and a demo took place in Seoul on July 22 in demand of the release of prisoners of conscience under the sponsorship of the promotion committee for release of conscientious prisoners.
So long as the prisoners are behind the bars, society would not be free, they said, expressing their resolve to march up to Cheongwadae for democracy and human rights every day until Aug. 15.
Given that the people drove out the past regime which had pursued policy hostile to the DPRK, it is due obligation of new government to set free all conscientious prisoners, they asserted.  
After the end of the rally, they marched forward to the Blue House, chanting slogan “Set free all conscientious prisoners”

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