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June follows July-US imperialism's Defeat in Korea-speech of Dr Dermot Hudson to the July 29th Meeting of the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA

In the DPRK they say July follows June meaning which means that although the US imperialists started the Fatherland Liberation War (known as Korean war in the West) on June 25 1950 it ended with the victory of the Korean people on July 27 1953. Korea is known as the forgotten war by the US , there are no victory parades or celebrations in the US or other capitalist countries. The right wing and extremely anti-communist  US military historian Bevin Alexander , who himself had been a US army officer during the Korean War, referred to the Fatherland Liberation War as being ‘the first war we lost’ .
 The Fatherland Liberation War was a truly herculean and titanic struggle which saw the Korean people defeat US imperialism for the first time in world history. It was a David and Goliath Struggle.
 When the war broke out on the 25 June 1950 , the odds against young People's Korea surviving let alone defeating US imperialism seemed very slim indeed because the US had a population  more than 20 times the size of the DPRK's and nearly 100 times the size of the DPRK in terms of landmass. Moreover the US had waged over a 100 wars of aggression and had emerged as the victor in the Second World War . As part of the allied forces  the US had seen off Imperial Japan , Nazi Germany and fascist Italy.  The US had emerged as the boss of US imperialism . It had a huge military machine and a global empire of military bases across the world .The US was and is the bulwark of modern colonialism, international gendarme and strangler of independence and national liberation .On top of this  the DPRK  not only to had to fight against the US but also the forces of the south Korean puppets , armies from 15 satellite countries of the US and the Japanese fighting secretly in Korea wearing the uniforms of the south Korean puppet army .
The Korean people led by the great revolutionary leader and national hero Marshal KIM IL SUNG, a true military strategic genius and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander fought a fierce anti- imperialist, anti- US struggle against US imperialism and the allied forces of international reaction. It was a fierce class struggle against the enemies of the people. The US fought a truly racist and genocidal war. The order of the US commanders was to shoot everything in white and most Korean civilians wore white. It was no coincidence that George Lincoln Rockwell the founder and leader of the American Nazi Party served as a lieutenant commander in the US imperialist forces during the war.
                     How could a small country like People's Korea fight against the US and its puppets and vassals? The answer was in the powerful revolutionary leadership of Marshal KIM IL SUNG , the  Juche idea and the Songun idea as well as the heroic self-sacrificing spirit of the Korean people and the young Korean People's Army. The Korean people fought in the spirit of self-reliance and fortitude guided by the Juche .The great revolutionary leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG stated“We must solve our problems no matter who is helping us and what help we get......Victory must be won by our strength” The efforts of the Korean people that were primary in defeating the US imperialist aggressors.
  Some people like to draw attention to the internationalist assistance given to the Korean and in particular point to China and the USSR. Of course it is true that such assistance was given and not just by big countries but by all socialist countries. Moreover in the capitalist countries  the working class and revolutionary movement opposed the war by holding demonstrations and strikes. In the UK  the Communist Party of Great Britain and “Daily Worker “ opposed the war , as did some Labour MPs to their credit,for example the famous Welsh MP S O Davies. Even in the US there were protests against the war. In the oppressed colonial countries the revolutionary peoples intensified their anti-imperialist struggles. In particular the revolutionary forces of Malaya and Thailand stepped up their armed struggle. However the best internationalist aid and assistance has no effect unless the revolutionary forces of a given unite and wage a powerful struggle. History knows many examples of revolutions that were given unstinting assistance but came to nothing because the internal revolutionary forces were not strong enough and the quality of leadership was lacking.
 The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG always stressed that the outcome of war is not determined by weapons alone but the ideology of those holding the weapons.
During the Fatherland Liberation War totally new tactics based on the Juche Idea were applied. For example the Korean People’s Army developed tunnel warfare, a new concept. An article by overseas Korean writer Han Ho Suk wrote that  North Korea's expertise in digging tunnels for warfare was demonstrated during the Vietnam War. North Korea sent about 100 tunnel warfare experts to Vietnam to help dig the 250 km tunnels for the North Vietnamese and Viet Gong troops in South Vietnam. The tunnels were instrumental in the Vietnamese victor”
Many volumes have been written about the great victorious Fatherland Liberation War . Time will not allow for a full account of it but here are some of the key parts of it.
  On the 25th June 1950 at dawn guns boomed and jets of flame shot out . The south Korean puppets intruded several kilometres deep into the territory of People' Korea. The south Korean puppet army, under the direct command of the US Military Advisory Group , had  launched an armed invasion all along the 38th parallel on a preconceived war plan. The south Korean puppets started their  aggression against the DPRK over the whole length of the 38th parallel, intruding one-two kilome­tres deep in the directions of Haeju, Kumchon and Cholwon. The south Korean puppets bragged their radio they had captured Haeju(which categorically disproves the account of US, Western and south Korean historians the  DPRK attacked first) . The destiny of the DPRK was hanging in the balance , what could it do against the onslaught of the south Korean puppets who were backed by the biggest military power in history ?  The great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG  called meeting of the Cabinet of the DPRK and  demanded that the south Korean puppets stop their aggression at once . The south Korean puppets refused to do so . So the great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG ,declaring that the Yankees had misjudged the Koreans, ordered the Korean People's Army and Korean Peoples Security Forces to go over to an immediate counter-offensive.
   Thus the KPA and KPSF went over to an immediate counter-offensive  pushing the south Korean puppets back .This was something unprecedented in the history of warfare! . Generally when a state is attacked or invaded by another state it takes some time to even adopt a defensive posture to resist the aggression. However thanks to the original Juche-orientated revolutionary military thought and strategy the forces of the DPRK were able to launch a decisive counter-offensive after halting the south Korean puppets in their tracks and allowing them no breathing space.
    The great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG had accumulated precious experience during the 15 year long armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists. He developed original Juche-orientated military tactics, the like of which had never been seen before.
  On the third day of the war , 28 June, Seoul the south Korean puppet capital was liberated by the  KPA .This was disastrous for the south Korean puppets who had orgininally boasted of "having breakfast in Haeju, lunch in Pyongyang and dinner in Sinuiju" . This had not happened, instead the victorious DPRK wiped out the south Korean puppet forces and liberated south Korea,. The hated colonial reactionary ruling machines were smashed and land was distributed to the peasants free of charge. The US started to heavily bomb all of Korea and drew  into the war forces from some satellite countries. This did not stop the advance of the Juche-orientated Korean People's Army commanded by the great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG. The KPA smashed the Yankees at Osan .Torpedo boats of the KPA Navy sunk US cruisers and destroyers.                                 
  The great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG personally commanded the Taejon liberation battle.I. The U.S. 24th division was totally destroyed in the Taejon battle on July 20, that was the 20th day after its arrival in south Korea. A  young People's Army  took prisoner Dean himself. He was the first division commander of U.S. imperialist aggression forces to be taken prisoner in the Korean War. This was a a great feat of the heroic Korean People's Army to have captured a Yankee general.
 In the first stage of the war the Korean People's Army liberated 90 per cent of the territory of south Korea and 92 of the population . A truly remarkable accomplishment that was achieved by the self-reliant revolutionary armed forces of People's Korea under the command of the great leader Marshal KIM IL SUNG .
  The US threw into the war unprecedented numbers of troops and amounts of materials.  In fact 73 million tons of war materials  were used in the war .The war raged on until July 27th 1953 when the US kneeled down and signed the Armistice Agreement.
During the three-year long Fatherland Liberation War, the U.S. imperialists lost over 1,567,000 men, including more than 405,000 of their own armed forces, and an enormous amount of combat equipment and war supplies, including over 12,200 aircraft, more than 560 warships and ships, over 3,200 tanks and armoured vehicles of different types, more than 13,350 trucks and 7,690 artillery pieces of various types. The loss suffered by the US imperialists was nearly 2.3 times greater than what they had suffered in the four years of the Pacific War during World War II. Even official US statistics showed during each of the three years of the Korean War they lost double  the number of troops lost in each year of the Vietnam war.
 General Mark W Clark, the US commander who signed the Armistice Agreement wearily concluded that he was the first US commander in history to sign an armistice agreement without a victory . Former State of Secretary Marshall said that “the myth was blown away. We are not a strong country as others thought. The infamous Senator J R McCarthy admitted “we suffered a serious defeat in Korea “ . McCarthy’s remark  prompts me to think whether  Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were really executed(on the 19 of June 1953  a month before the US defeat) as scapegoats for the US defeat in the Fatherland Liberation War .As the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG said “In this great struggle our people fought determinedly as one in mind under the correct leadership of the party and government and thereby withstood the harsh trials of war honourably and won a historic victory inflicting an ignominious defeat on US imperialism and its running dogs .
The US imperialists also suffered irretrievable political and moral defeats. It was a great victory for the Korean people and opened up a new era of anti-US, anti-imperialist struggle. Indeed Korea was the war before Vietnam !. The executive secretariat of the Organisation  of Solidarity with the People’s of Asia, Africa and Latin America  said on the 19th of June 1968 “ under the superb leadership of the Marshal KIM IL SUNG the People’s Army and the people of Korea who inherited the traditions of the glorious  anti-Japanese armed struggle fought heroically and defeated US Imperialism om the defence of liberty of the fatherland and the gains of the revolution, making a great contribution in the anti-imperialist national-liberation struggle  of the peoples throughout the world and the struggle for peace in Asia and the world.
This historic victory of the Korean people has shown that no force on earth can ever bring to their knees a people who fight for the independence and liberty of their country

   The victory in the Fatherland Liberation War was due to the outstanding an brilliant commanding art of the great leader Generalissimo KIM IL SUNG , a military strategic genius and ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander.
  Glory to the Korean people and the KPA on the occasion of the 64th anniversary of the victory in the great Fatherland Liberation War against the US imperialists!
 We are convinced that led by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN, another ever victorious brilliant commander of Mt Paektu, there will be a 2nd and a 3rd July27th and the Korean people will win final victory ,reunifying the country !Glory to the ever-victorious Korean people!
 Dr Dermot Hudson

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