Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Japanese Reactionaries Should Not Go Frivolous before Merciless Nuclear Fist

Pyongyang, August 9 (KCNA) -- Ryu Il O published an article titled "Japanese reactionaries should not go frivolous before merciless nuclear fist" whose full text reads:

Recently the Japanese reactionaries' rash military actions against the DPRK have gone beyond the red line.

A typical example is their trumpeting about "possession of capabilities for attacking" ballistic rocket bases of the DPRK in a preemptive way.

Onodera, who took the post of defence minister on August 4, officially made public the stand by saying at a press conference that the Japan Defence Ministry is examining the "possession of ability for attacking enemy bases aimed at mounting a preemptive attack at the missile bases of the north" as a measure for countering the DPRK's ballistic rocket launch.

Amid the buildup of wide-spread public opinion over the new Defence minister's statement, the Japanese media are reeling off stories to the effect that "Defence Ministry is examining the possession of capabilities for mounting a preemptive attack on the north's missile bases to completely check the north's ballistic missile attack, and plans to reflect it in the defence guidelines to be set up next year".

As a result, there is mounting comment in Japan and even from the international community that "this is aimed at reviving militarism under the pretext of the threats from the north" and "securing pretexts for justifying preemptive attack on the north" and at "political operation aimed at tiding over crisis" as well as denunciation of the present Japanese ruling quarters.

This is a deserved outcome resulted by the political ignorance, craftiness, frivolity and bluff peculiar to the Japs.

It is a well-known fact that whenever the DPRK took measures for bolstering its force for self-defence to put a fundamental end to the U.S. hostile policy toward the DPRK, thoughtless Japanese reactionaries parroted the U.S. to talk about "threat" and raise a hue and cry.

It is none other than the Japanese reactionaries who kicked up the ruckus of putting interceptor missiles on a permanent deployment even in the premises of the government buildings, held the mobile deployment drill of Patriot interceptor missiles one after another and conducted evacuation drills with the mobilization of ordinary citizens busy with making their livings.

At the Japanese reactionaries' wild act that has gone beyond the tolerance limit, even the south Korean puppet forces, to say nothing of the international community, disclosed their discomfort and even their master U.S. showed displeasure, in fear of the aftereffect.

Question is why the Japanese reactionaries have gone so imprudent, whenever every measure for bolstering self-defence is taken by the DPRK.

Clear is the aim sought by them.

The purpose is to secure a pretext for infiltrating the Japan "Self-Defense Forces" into the Korean peninsula on their own initiatives under the pretext of "missile threat" of the DPRK and, furthermore, create a springboard for realizing their ambition for overseas expansion.

It is the invariable ambition of the Japanese reactionaries to justify a comeback to Asia-Pacific and realize at any cost the old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere".

The present Japanese ruling quarters have invested the "Self-Defense Forces" with the right to exercise the "right to collective self-defence" and drastically expanded the scope of the SDF's overseas activities by effectuating the "Security Legislation" in March, 2016 under the auspice of their master U.S.

On the other hand, they concocted in chain such evil laws as law on protection of specified secrets and law on punishing organized crimes and rapidly stepped up fascistization of Japan, and have recently resorted to the retrogressive revision of the present constitution, a final phase for realizing their ambition for overseas aggression.

What remains to be done now by the Japanese ruling quarters seeking overseas aggression is to retrogressively revise the "pacifist constitution" and secure "justice" and "legitimacy" for turning the country into a military giant and launching overseas aggression.

It is just a few days ago that Japanese Prime Minister Abe claimed at a commemoration for the 70th anniversary of effectuation of the Japanese constitution that "the present constitution has to be revised as the security environment has undergone a change due to the north's nuclear and missile development" in a bid to mislead the public opinion. Others in power vied with each other to call for "securing preliminary way to cope with the threat from the north" and "preparations for a war".

It is by no means fortuitous that, foreign media commented in unison that "this is a far-fetched assertion to secure a pretext for the retrogressive revision of the constitution" and a "statement for building justifications for the SDF's performance of overseas operation", stressing that one should be vigilant against it as this enshrines the intent to "make Japan an 'ordinary country capable of fighting a war' and to expand the scope of operation of the SDF to the Korean peninsula".

No wonder, the south Korean puppet reptile hack papers accustomed to faulting the DPRK openly complained that the Japanese reactionaries' act of hyping the "threat from the north" is an expression of "frivolity peculiar to Japan keen on justifying the bolstering up of the military force under the pretext of an unidentified fact".

The Japanese reactionaries seek to strain tension in Northeast Asia, hype up "threat" to Japan from the DPRK and thus realize their crafty ambition.

When the U.S. imperialists, exasperated by the toughest steps taken by the DPRK, gave vent to their anger at a weak Mideast nation under the absurd pretext of its use of "chemical weapons", the Japanese regime was busy praising the "braveness" of the U.S. and claimed that the "north might launch a missile tipped with a warhead containing sarin gas." This was aimed to further strain the regional situation and thus realize its wild ambition for reviving militarism.

Against this backdrop, the regime, buoyed by the bluffing of the U.S., has recently gone so far as to talk about "preemptive attack."

Such disgusting behavior of the Japanese reactionaries is directly related to the petty trick of the Abe group to tide over the worst-ever ruling crisis caused by its incompetent politics.

Now the ruling quarters of Japan are losing the public support due to the uninterrupted disclosure of scandals of the Abe cult and his confidants, worsening economic crisis and ceaseless social evils. Early in July the ruling Liberal Democratic Party sustained a bitter defeat in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly Election called a preliminary one for the next-term Dietmen election.

So, the present support rate for the Abe Cabinet has declined to 30 percent, the critical level before resignation.

The Abe cult, being driven to a tight corner, has worked hard to tide over the crisis, calling for "reshuffles" including the one in the Cabinet. As this proved ineffective, it raised the "security card" and is scheming to use it as a lever for weathering the ruling crisis.

Its talk about "preemptive attack" on the DPRK is aimed to divert elsewhere the media attention, focus the public debate at home on the "security issue" of tackling the "threat from the north" and thus calm down the mounting anti-regime sentiments among the public.

All facts clearly prove that the present reactionary ruling quarters of Japan headed by Abe are desperately trying to tide over the worst-ever ruling crisis by hyping "threat from the north" to Japan and, at the same time, to secure a pretext for dispatching its SDF in a "legitimate way" in case the U.S. imperialists ignite a war against the DPRK, thus revive militarism and realize at any cost the wild ambition for the reinvasion of Asian countries.

But the Japanese reactionaries are seriously mistaken.

The DPRK has already acquired the capabilities of reducing the Japanese archipelago to ashes in a second once it makes up its mind.

To be frank, we have not reckoned the Japanese reactionaries from the outset.

The measures taken by the DPRK for modernizing the nuclear force for self-defence are a strategic option for fundamentally eliminating the U.S. imperialists' hostile policy toward the DPRK and the threat of a nuclear war that have lasted for decades.

Japan is going imprudent, just like a day fly before the DPRK possessed of diversified strategic weapons and even H-bomb, not knowing that its act is a suicidal act. Herein lies the tragedy of Japan.

The Japanese reactionaries should clearly understand that their mean, frivolous and mischievous act will only face merciless telling blow by the nuclear fist and that in that case the whole Japanese archipelago might be buried in the Pacific.

The Japanese reactionaries should properly see the strategic position of the DPRK that has reached the highest level and the current situation, and stop its imprudent behavior of recklessly faulting the DPRK. -0-

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