Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Benefactor of National Resurrection

Kim Il Sung makes a speech at the rally held in Pyongyang
to welcome his triumphant return in October 1945
Benefactor of National Resurrection

72 years have passed since President Kim Il Sung liberated Korea through lead a 20-year-long bloody war against Japan.
When Korea was liberated, the entire Korean people were filled with delight and waves of jubilation swept the country.
For the liberation, a lot of people waged independent movement and sacrificed themselves for the national liberation.
However, the movements ended in a fiasco because the nation was not led by a prominent leader.
When Korean people were at the crossroads of survival or ruin, the bright sun of national resurrection rose.
He is President Kim Il Sung.
In his teen age, he embarked on the road of revolution and led the twenty-year-long bloody war of Korean nation against the Japanese imperialists. It was the unprecedented, most arduous and severe struggle.
He united the people, who were ignorant of way to advance, into one under the banner of the anti-Japanese and inspired them with confidence in victory. His wise leadership to strengthen the Juche-based revolutionary forces was the dynamics for Korea’s liberation. Under his leadership, the Korean people waged the war against the Japanese imperialist gangsters.
President Kim Il Sung started the armed struggle with two pistols and defeated the Japanese imperialists armed to the teeth to liberate the country. The liberation was a miracle that could be achieved only by the President.
The Arch of Triumph
Although many years have elapsed since the liberation, the south Korean people have deep reverences for the President.
A south Korean professor of history said that but for the President’s leadership Korea could not be liberated and a member of youth organization said that the President smashed Japs under the banner of Juche.
South Korean online mass media praised highly the achievements of the President for the liberation noting that the anti-Japanese guerilla army led by him could won victory because they were supported by the people.
Supreme leader Kim Jong Un immortalizes the exploits of President Kim Il Sung and leads the nationwide struggle to implement the President’s behests of national reunification to victory.
Bright is the future of Korea led by the supreme leader.
Holding supreme leader Kim Jong Un, who is identical with the President, in high esteem, the Korean people will surely reunify the country.

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