Tuesday, 1 August 2017

KCNA Commentary Slams S. Korea's Sinister Bid for THAAD Deployment

Pyongyang, August 1 (KCNA) -- The south Korean authorities have gone vicious in their try to hush up THAAD deployment issue.
They transferred documents containing the inside story about THAAD deployment to the "Presidential Memorial" without revealing them out of the documents belonging to the Park Geun Hye regime disclosed at Chongwadae, claiming they are "related to sensitive diplomacy and security issues".
More than 870 documents out of 1 200 that have been transferred this time were worked out at security room of the puppet Chongwadae. They are concerned with traitor Kim Kwan Jin who was directly in charge of the THAAD deployment under the backstage manipulation of the U.S.
Documents transferred to the "Presidential Memorial" have an access to them prohibited for 30 years at most.
This is an open revelation of the sordid intention to put under the carpet the inside story about the THAAD deployment pushed forward by Park the Geun Hye group of traitors and press for its deployment.
Outwardly, the south Korean authorities cry out for "abolition of evil doings" but they are opting for pressing for the THAAD deployment, the biggest evil doing left by the Park Geun Hye group. This is an intolerable perfidy and mockery of the south Koreans.
The present south Korean authorities have pressed for THAAD deployment under duress of the U.S. since the moment of taking office.
They are pressing for the THAAD deployment behind the scene while calming down the rebuff of the citizens in Songju County, North Kyongsang Province with such deceptive rhetoric as the estimation of effect on environment.
When there broke out the case of the concealment of the additional introduction of THAAD launching pads by remnants of Park like Kim Kwan Jin and Han Min Gu, the present authorities, though they started investigation, went clumsy, saying that "it is not meant to change the existing decision or to convey another message to the U.S." and asked for "understanding", in fear that they may court displeasure of the U.S.
The chief executive, who talked volubly about taking dignified attitude toward the U.S., went so servile as to call the THAAD deployment as "an agreement based on south Korea-U.S. alliance" and assured the U.S. that "it may now drop apprehensions about delayed THAAD deployment", thus making the THAAD deployment a fait accompli.
No sooner had the second test-fire of inter-continental ballistic rocket Hwasong-14 been carried out by the DPRK than he held an emergency "security meeting" in the middle of night and instructed the additional deployment of THAAD launching pads.
This is a suicidal act of leaving south Korea as the eternal colony of the U.S. and as the ground for nuclear stand-off among neighboring countries and pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the worst phase of tension.
We have already warned the south Korean authorities that should they yield to the U.S. brigandish pressure for THAAD deployment, they will only hurt the fundamental interests of the nation and bring the destruction of their own destiny.
If the south Korean authorities keep to the path of submission to the U.S., they will face the miserable end as what was met by the Park Geun Hye group of traitors.
They should bring to light all the inside stories about THAAD deployment which the Park Geun Hye group of traitors pressed for under the backstage manipulation of the U.S., and stop the humiliating farce for THAAD deployment. -

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