Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Burnt-out former Trotskyists support fascist terrorism against the DPRK

So the burnt-out former Trotskyists of "Spiked Online" have published an article praising the ' Free Jeoson " fascists who carried out a terrorist attack on the DPRK embassy in Madrid in February 2019 , an attack which injured women and children . Shame on 'Spiked Online " ! You wonder if they have CIA money behind them ?
There is no' north Korean resistance ' or 'north Korean dissidents' as 'Spiked Online " asserts . ' Free Jeoson' are nothing back a CIA backed group of fascists who operate outside of the Korean peninsula .
The DPRK has single-hearted unity based on the Juche idea and underpinned by the socialist ownership of the means of production , distribution and exchange . The DPRK is different to the former USSR and East European socialist countries .

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