Friday, 15 June 2018

The "human rights " liars

Straight from the horse's mouth ! The anti-DPRK human rights campaign is fake ! US president Trump said in answer to a journalist who started to try and kick a hullabaloo about human rights at the press conference after the Singapore Summit , that so-called DPRK human rights abuses were" fake news "!. So there you have it . The chief executive of the US himself has said that the stories about human rights in the DPRK are fake . Trump must have inside information about what really goes inside the so-called "human rights " industry and knows that the stories about the DPRK are made up , are not real.
The so-called evidence for human rights violations in the DPRK consists of stories from "defectors " which have repeatedly been torn apart and evidence from the DPRK has shown up these people to be criminals plus dodgy satellite images which claim to show "concentration camps " but in fact are really pictures of factories and industrial areas .
It is time that people like Lord David Alton etc  should just shut up about human rights in the DPRK and the shadowy "north Korean human rights " NGOs (some of which are funded by British taxpayers money ) are closed down !

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