Friday, 15 June 2018

The BBC and their imaginary DPRK family

Oh dear , so our friends from the British Brainwashing Corporation ( by the way ,why do we have to a licence fee to the BBC on top of taxes plus overpriced BBC merchandise) have not only wrongfully excluded UK KFA from discussions on the DPRK-US summit (are we banned from the BBC) but have "imagined " a DPRK family . Needless to say it another dark propaganda exercise by the BBC very reminiscent of the propaganda used by the capitalist countries during the Cold War . Some real facts ( full employment , people receiving state distributed goods free of charge) are mixed with falsehoods ,lies , speculation and conjecture . At the bottom of the article it says that assisting the BBC were wait for a "defector " , the CIA fake news outfit NKNews , the notorious Daily NK (another CIA funded outfit) , the awful professor Andrei Lankov and other dubious so -called "experts " on the DPRK . The BBC could save itself time and trouble by simply going to the DPRK and speaking to an ordinary DPRK family !

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