Saturday, 9 June 2018

Some thoughts on the DPRK-US summit .

As the DPRK-US summit approaches , there is much speculation as to what will happen there , what the outcome will be and what will happen afterwards . We believe that is not useful to speculate on what will happen
We think a good outcome would be for the US to remove nuclear weapons from in and around the Korean peninsula and formally cease targeting the DPRK with nuclear weapons as well as reducing the number of US troops in south Korea pending their complete withdrawal , in return for the DPRK freezing all nuclear testing and ICBM testing . Denuclearisation could take place on a gradual ,step by step basis within the context of global denuclearisation .
The summit is actually a victory for Songun politics backed by the nuclear deterrent and the independent stand of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN because it has defeated the US strategy of denying the DPRK legitimacy .It is the DPRK's nuclear weapons that have forced the US to the negotiating table. Last year when Trump was attacking the DPRK at the UN , US diplomats behind the scenes were begging the DPRK for negotiations. The US is afraid of just one small nuclear strike on its homeland .
We hope that respected Marshal KIM JONG UN will inflict a defeat on the US on the negotiating table similar to the defeat inflicted on the battlefield on the US by the great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG in 1953 ! . Victory to the DPRK !

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