Thursday, 21 April 2016

Unforgettable Sewol Disaster

Memorial service took place throughout south Korea on April 16, two years since the ferry Sewol disaster.
A rally was held at Gwanghwamun plaza.
The bereaved families and various circles of 12 000 people assembled themselves at the plaza in a pouring rain.
The speakers denounced in a rage the south Korean authorities that they turned their faces away from the probe into the two-year-long ferry sinking without making sincere soul-searching and apology.
The ferry sinking would befall to the people, thats why the sinking is the matter related to the people, they stated.
To this end, it is imperative to pool their efforts, they noted.
They said that pouring rain foretells a new disaster and they should put an end to the ferry sinking in unity.
They appealed to the people not to forget the ferry sinking and turn out in the campaign to probe into the truth and prevent its recurrence.
The April 16 Solidarity released a declaration of human rights at the rally.
It stressed in the declaration that they would remember the Sewol disaster and never give up action to get to the bottom of the sinking and defend the right.
They, in the rally, chanted slogans Enforce special investigation! and Amend special law!.
The Students Preparatory Committee for Probing the Truth behind the April 16 Ferry Sewol Disaster held a meeting together with 78 organizations.
Speakers said that the ferry sinking is not confined to the bereaved families and students would directly probe the truth behind the disaster to the end.
On the day, memorial services and rallies protesting against the south Korean authorities unethical atrocities took place across south Korea.

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