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Hitting back at the so-called "leftist" Falsifiers of Songun !

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 Recently  I was awarded  the Doctor of Social Politics of the DPRK  the central academic degrees commission of the DPRK . It was awarded for a paper which incorporated my book " In Defence of Songun ": . My book was partly written to answer the slanders against the Songun idea by Jason Unruhe in his book ' A Marxist Critique of Songun ".
It should be pointed out that it is a falsification that Rodong Sinmun said that the DPRK faces another "arduous march ' or ' famine'. DPRK officials were horrified when they heard this and it is shocking that Jason Unruhe has gone on youtube to spread this nonsense . You have got to wonder what he is really is about . I would suggest people pay no heed to this 'third worldist-Maoist '.
Similarly to the detractors of the Korean Friendship Association and those who say it has nothing to do with the DPRK , it is a fact that everyone in the DPRK knows the name Alejandro . A copy of the book 'Songun Citadel ' is displayed in the Fatherland Liberation War Museum.

  Now the author of " A Marxist Critique of Songun " has made an angry response on the MaoistRebelnews " website to the devastating refutation of his work.A couple of things in this article require comment and refutation .However, before I do so a couple of prelimary remarks. Firstly, Mr Unruhe has only read 12 pages of my book which has 82 pages , so his comments are only based on reading only 14.6 per cent of the book , so what about the other 86 per cent ? How can Unruhe make an objective and balanced analysis of the book based on the first few pages ? Isn't this narrowminded or fraudulent or maybe just plain superficial. If Mr Unruhe had bothered to actually read the whole book he would have seen that there is one chapter that has the title " Songun is totally anti-imperialist and anti-revisionist " where I basically argue that " Songun totally rejects compromise with imperialism as advocated by the modern revisionists and the so-called theory of the “peaceful road to socialism.” advocated by modern revisionism" . Not only does Mr Unruhe based his opinion of a book on a mere 14.6 per cent of its content but he is apparently an expert on both the DPRK and the Songun policy without actually setting foot in the DPRK even once !
 Unruhe seems to think that I have specifically denounced him as a reactionary and opportunist. This is not true , I was using the term generically to refer to all those who oppose the Songun idea , it can equally apply to the revisionist party here in the UK , whose daily paper the "Morning Star" manages to attack Songun on a regular basis or Trotskyites .
   Unruhe comes out with the suprising statement that "Kim Jong-ll placed many military officials in charge of civilian institutions with the specific goal of keeping the military first in policy" ??!!! Really ? When did this happen ? which civilian leaders were replace ? Which civilian institutions were taken over by the military ? Unruhe cannot name any because it never happened , it is falsification basically. Unruhe does not understand the DPRK and creates artifical and imaginary barriers between the military and the rest of society ,seeing the military as something seperated from society rather than being part of it. As I ague in
"In Defence of Songun ",  the Korean Peoples Army is the army of the working class, the army of the revolution , the army of the people and the army of the party . 
  Similarly Unruhe fails to see the revolution as a continous process but instead wrongly sees the revolution as being in seperate and unrelated stages  or he puts it "The former is a subversion of these while not in a position of power. These are qualitatively different." This is quite wrong . The revolution starts with the 
struggle to overthrow the old order and then is contuined after the seizure of power going through all sorts of different stages .
 Unruhe claims he is not anti-DPRK yet attacks the Songun policy , the guiding idea of the DPRK. The DPRK constitution states very clearly in Article 3 that "The Democratic People's Republic of Korea is guided in its activities by the Juche idea and the Songun idea, a world outlook centred on people, a revolutionary ideology for achieving the independence of the masses of the people.". By attacking the Songun policy as he does Unruhe becomes objectively anti-DPRK  it is as simple as that .
  Unruhe claims there is the need for "criticial solidarity " . Now where have we heard that before ? From Trotskyites that is where . At the end of  the day Unruhe is little different to the fake Left who like to say 
"we defend the DPRK against imperialism " and then proceed to attack its system and ideology.
  Watching some of Unruhe's videos I noticed that he likes to go on about "First World-ism " and how terrible it  is . This is in irony because he himself is sitting in an imperialist country and is telling a country that is on the frontline with imperialism which policies they can or cannot have . Isn't this what Lenin called
social chauvnism . Isn't the worst kind of "First World-ism" ?
 "In Defence of Songun " will be revised and expanded and we also plan to publish it in Spanish. In the meantime if you want to read what I have really written and judge who is right you can purchase a copy here

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