Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Powerful Nuclear Deterrent Power of the DPRK

In March Juche 105(2016) Scientists and technicians in the national defense industry of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea succeeded in standardizing nuclear bomb suitable with the ballistic missile by lightening it and to Ballistic Rocket’s Re-entry Environmental Simulation.
The more the nuclear strike capability is powerful, the better the power to deter the aggression and the nuclear war is strong.
Furthermore the DPRK stands against the USA, the chieftain of aggression, which is advocating “Theory of all-purpose nuclear” and so the powerful nuclear attack capability is important mean to remove the danger of nuclear war in Korean peninsula and clear off the fiery clouds of the nuclear war on the head of Korean nation.
The USA regards their country as the refuge, which is far away across the Pacific from Korean Peninsula.
As a matter of fact the USA invaded many countries and nations after the Civil War occurred in 19th century, but there is no bomb fallen on their land.
They believe the geographical fortune as forever and are steep in nuclear threats and blackmail to Korean nation through centuries bringing all kinds of murderous means for nuclear war in Korean Peninsula.
By dint of self-reliance and self-development the DPRK has proudly acquired the re-entry technology of the ballistic rocket which carries nuclear warhead to the strategic target of attack safely to put the end to despotism of haughty aggressors and gangster-like warmongers who sways nuclear weapon recklessly.
The might of nuclear strike means of the DPRK is needless to argue scientifically and technologically and it is their military strength and dignity.
Now the land of the USA is never the refuge.
The large tract of land can be changed into the tomb area of ruin uncovered by nuclear attack capability of DPRK.
The DPRK are producing in a serial way the new type large-calibre multiple launch rockets which the US imperialism and south Korean puppet regard as “more dangerous thing than missile” and tremble with fear.
They have possessed the system of new anti-tank guided weapon which makes into boiled pumpkin enemy tanks and armored cars covered with special complex armor and developed in mobility and strike power by the range, rate of hits and the capability to blow the armor out and destroy in maximum level.
The DPRK could manufacture advanced strategic weapon and H-bomb in unprecedented plots of the hostile forces to stifle and isolate by upholding a new strategic line of simultaneously building the economy and nuclear force and the principle of giving priority to self-development
Guiding the production of nuclear weapon in March Juche105 (2016) Marshal Kim Jong Un instructed that the more the nuclear strike capability is powerful, the better the nuclear deterrent power is great and to firmly strengthen the nuclear forces in quality and quantity is the right and reliable way for preventing the disasters of nuclear war on this land.
And he declared that the right of a nuclear-first-strike is not an exclusive property of the USA and he will attack first if the US imperialists infringe upon our sovereignty and the right to live with the nuclear.
The DPRK will consolidate independent deterrent power to the war and nuclear more firmly as long as the US continues to threat with nuclear and the reckless moves for a war provocation to stifle the DPRK militarily are conducted by the US and south Korean puppet.

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