Thursday, 28 April 2016

CPRK Spokesman Demands S. Korean Regime Send Back DPRK Abductees

Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) in a statement on Thursday warned that if the south Korean puppet regime fails to send back group citizens of the DPRK allured and abducted by the Intelligence Service under its manipulation early in April, the DPRK will take a merciless counteraction.
    The statement said:
    No sooner had the incident occurred than the DPRK vehemently censured the brutal act of the puppet regime and strongly urged it to unconditionally send back the abductees without delay, severely punish or send those involved in the abducting operation to a sacred court of the DPRK and take prompt technical measures to help the families of the DPRK side meet their children face to face in Seoul.
    But the Park regime flatly turned down the just demand of the DPRK, terming it a "far-fetched assertion" and the abduction a "group defection made at free will" and spouting such sheer sophism that it "cannot accept the demand for face-to-face meeting of families in view of international practice."
    The above-said incident was a premeditated and organized group allurement and abduction Park Geun Hye perpetrated by hurling gangsters of the Intelligence Service to all intents and purposes.
    Under the direct instruction of Park, bandits of the IS, in conspiracy with an already bribed agent and brokers in China fooled and lured 12 gullible women citizens of the DPRK to a Southeast Asian country by telling them they were to tour the area for service as a new restaurant would be inaugurated in another country, and then let them take a flight to south Korea from there.
    When the abductees learned in the plane that it was flying to south Korea, not a third country, and demanded their return to their homeland, the gangsters of the IS deceived them by telling they should carry out a "special task" and took them to south Korea in a forcible manner.
    The Park regime is putting pressure upon them to "defect" by employing all base and heinous methods such as appeasement, deception, threat and blackmail after keeping them in solitary confinement and imposing a news blackout, etc., so that they are kept away from any contact with outside.
    The abductees of the DPRK are now staging a hunger strike in demand of immediate repatriation and some young girls are in a critical condition after falling in a faint.
    What should not be overlooked is that the puppet forces are talking volumes about the DPRK citizens' "skepticism about social system in the north" and their "admiration" at south Korea.
    The DPRK citizens abducted by the puppet forces have no ground whatsoever to defect to south Korea by abandoning their native places and parents, brothers and sisters.
    It is a sheer lie that they are "admiring" south Korea, a veritable hell torn with appalling confusion, as they translated their dreams and ideals into realities under the best social system centered on the popular masses in the DPRK.
    Now that the puppet forces produced "new divided families" through allurement and abduction, they should not even dream of talking about the reunion of separated families and relatives and solution to humanitarian issues.
    The Park group, keen on confrontation, bereft of reason, far from judging the grave consequences to be entailed by its crimes, had better drop far-fetched assertion to justify its inhuman abduction and stop at once its gangster-like act and unconditionally and immediately send back the innocent abductees.
    It should take prompt technical measures to enable the families of the victims to go to Seoul and meet their daughters face to face and bring them back home as unanimously demanded by them. -0

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