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Unfair world political order must be reformed=special article of DPRK Institute of International Political Studies

Unfair world political order must be reformed

Rodong Sinmun, organ of the Workers’ Party of Korea, carried an article of a fellow of the Korea Institute of International Political Studies on April 2. The following are the excerpts from it:

The current world political stage has turned into a theatre of violence by powers where justice and truth, conscience and obligation, equality and respect give way to injustice and high-handedness, hegemony and arbitrariness, aggression and domination, and the most elementary principles of international relations regulated by consensus of mankind are negated.

The outrageous imperialists led by the US are indulging in domination and intervention while overtly violating the small and weak nations’ sovereignty and right to survival.

Styling themselves the “world’s police”, they interfere in other countries’ internal affairs and browbeat them into accepting their demands. And they even point an accusing finger at the exercise of the legitimate rights of sovereign states, arguing that others should not do what they do.

The “privileged” forces which are riding roughshod over the UN and other international stages trample on the independent needs and interests of most of the developing countries and unilaterally deal with all the issues to serve their interests.

Those countries which have guts to oppose them or get on their nerves are unexceptionally branded “rogue states”, “bully states” or “states of evil”, resulting in their rights to survival being violated ruthlessly. Not content with harsh political and economic sanctions and pressure, they unhesitatingly assassinate a state leader or cause a civil war before taking advantage of it to commit their forces of aggression to topple the local regime.

To obey them or die—this is the political ethics advertised by the US and other powerful countries and is the way of existence imposed upon small and weak countries.

It is the reality of current international politics that a very small number of powers are seeking limitless development and prosperity at the cost of blood, tears and sacrifices of a majority of minor nations.

The current volatile situation surrounding the DPRK is an epitome of global politics that is getting extremely unfair and corrupt.

Now the US and its allies are describing the DPRK as a thing not to be pardoned by the international community and the “source of evil”, while imposing unheard-of economic embargo and military pressure on the latter.

Following the DPRK’s declaration of its possession of a mini-hydrogen bomb and self-defensive military measures, they called them “serious threat and provocation” to global peace and security, and they have mobilized a huge amount of nuclear strike means and special warfare troops, openly talking about “regime change” and “system collapse”.

When it comes to the DPRK’s possession of nukes the hostile forces are persistently condemning, it is an open and aboveboard choice to defend its sovereignty, dignity and right to survival from the aggression of the US which has threatened it with nukes and inflicted all sorts of sanctions and pressure on it for decades.

It is the US that has got the DPRK to become a full-fledged nuclear state.

In other words, the engine that has pushed the DPRK into building up its nuclear capability rapidly is none other than the US’ vicious anti-DPRK policy.

It is all the more preposterous that the US and its allies accuse the DPRK’s launch of the Juche-based artificial satellite as a “test-fire of a ballistic missile” and “violation of UN resolutions”.

They are questioning the DPRK’s carrier rocket that atrociously. Doesn’t the US send its satellite by a carrier rocket? Does it blow or throw the satellite aloft?

The satellites of the US and many other countries are unquestionably launched atop carrier rockets. Yet, they argue the DPRK’s launch vehicle only poses threat to global peace and security. This is so perverse and hypocritical.

If they feel threatened by the DPRK’s independent will and effort, it is no more than fear and apprehension about their unfair political order at risk.

The DPRK, which has represented justice most truthfully on this planet and fought undauntedly to defend sovereignty, is now powerful enough to overpower and punish all forces of aggression and evil. The enemies are well aware of this, and their argument about “provocation” and “challenge” is only screams of fear, if not terror.

The problem is that a despicable situation beyond imagination is being created, in which even some big countries allegedly making much of their honour and justifications have succumbed to the base US pressure and demand and, still worse, danced to the tune of the stinking and cheap pro-American prostitute of south Korea.

We clearly discern the falsehood and truth in world politics once again in the face of the gruesome realities in which some countries are trying to suppress justice and truth by dint of any results of behind-closed-doors conspiracy they produced by unhesitatingly reneging on the precious friendship, the common gains achieved at the cost of blood.

Loud voice does not always represent justice.

When big and small countries parrot the US, the echo may be loud, but it can never be a representation of justice and truth of mankind.

At present the world political landscape is totally degenerating into a disorderly gambling casino in which a few big powers get together at the beck and call of the US to plot together or reject one another to serve their own interests.

To cover up its true colours as aggressor and hegemony-seeker the US has put the UN in the foreground of world politics and nominally argued that the five permanent members of the UN Security Council discuss and decide on all issues, big or small, that arise throughout the world and implement the decisions and supervise their implementation.

But scrutiny shows that this is extremely preposterous and abnormal.

At the time of the establishment of the United Nations, the Security Council was intended to oversee global peace and security in reflection of the complex international political environment and five countries were elected its members to undertake mediation and deliberation over international political issues and adopt decisions on them.

During the decades-long cold war thereafter, it can be said that they made efforts to some extent to hold each other in check and keep the balance of power as they spoke for the political ideas and interests of the nations which belonged to their camps. It is no accident that a political commentator described the cold war era as the most “peaceful time” in hundreds-of-year modern history.

But there has been a radical change in the power balance or role of the UNSC permanent members now that ideological antagonism and confrontation between countries do not surface remarkably with the demise of the cold war and each country explores its own way of development.

Frankly speaking, a question mark is placed over whether the five countries styling themselves big powers have qualifications or rights to represent other countries in the international political arena of the UN any longer.

No country asked them to settle or decide on any issue in place of it and they are incapable of doing that.

A few big countries are unable to know the specific reality of other nations, and the standards they set unilaterally to their liking cannot fully be accepted by others. It is fair to say that the conclusions they come to in the rendezvous of their political conspiracy cannot speak for others’ interests.

Moreover, is there any country among them that will speak out against the US, which arrogantly styles itself the leader of the world, and squarely defy it?

Any country with a mind of its own, great self-respect and conviction will not accept such a one-sided and hegemony-seeking international order and unreasonable arguments coming out of it.

Herein lies the reason why the fair public at home and abroad is now rejecting the haughty and insolent way of thinking centred on the big powers, which pressurize the DPRK by absurd double standards where the possession of nukes by them is just but that by small countries is wrong, branding it as being grounded on an unacceptable, gangster-like logic.

They should know that the arbitrary and unilateral mentality, which clings to an absolute monopoly of strength and the existing system of world domination based on it, is evidently outdated and anachronistic and that if they cling to it more tightly, they will only be isolated and confronted with a greater challenge.

Humankind is now at a crucial crossroads: whether to explore a new era of historical development with independence and justice or to keep retreating to the primitive Dark Age governed by the law of the jungle.

Man lives for justice and devotes his life to truth.

To each nation sovereignty is justice, interests and truth.

It is imperative to make resolute efforts to bring about a dramatic change in the unfair and unjust world political order, not just lamenting over it.

The infinite space of the universe can be filled with only one idea.

If there is conscience and intellect in the world, and if thirst and enthusiasm for truth and justice are alive, they should oppose and courageously rise up against the present-day unfair international political reality.

Our planet, the eternal home of humanity, should be made that of independence, equality and peace that turns on the axis of universal justice and absolute truth, not of hegemony and high-handedness of the US and a few other countries.

If the gap between big powers and small nations can never be bridged and small nations have to lead a miserable life subordinated to big powers today and tomorrow as in the past, such an earth does not need to exist for humanity.

The UN and other international organizations, whatever they are, should reform themselves in a fair and rational fashion in line with the aspirations and desire of humanity, developing times and reality.

All the progressive political parties and organizations including communist and workers’ parties all over the world should not regard their noble ideals as a mere nameplate, but take the lead in the struggle for global independence and justice and thwart the despotism of the imperialists to maintain the unfair world political order by the concerted efforts of the oppressed peoples of all social strata.

There are big and small countries in the world, but no high and low nations.

They must know that a really big country, a truly big power, is not the one with a wide territory and large population, but the valiant and courageous country which has a thorough spirit of independence and faith, which does not compromise in the face of injustice and arbitrariness and which fights resolutely against aggression and domination, and therefore can enjoy respect and trust from all.

Small nations should not find the path of their survival in shamefully siding with or queuing up for the US while studying its face without voicing a word of protest, overwhelmed by its power, but grasp their destiny in their own hands and get on the track of true independence for their people.

No way of living will be open to the nation which hesitates to face all at the risk of its honour and destiny.

See through once again how the DPRK, an anti-imperialist and anti-US power in the East, has become a nuclear state.

It came a long way to possess nukes pulling through all those trying ordeals not to join the exclusive nuclear club that dominates the world.

The DPRK’s cause of nuclear possession started from a sacred self-consciousness to defend its sovereignty and dignity that are more precious than life in order to counter the high-handedness and arbitrariness of the US and other big powers to the last and open up a historic era of independent reunification and eternal peace and prosperity of the nation by its own efforts on this land.

It has sharpened the strongest and the most perfect treasured sword of punishment to counterattack the flagrant arbitrariness of the US on the strength of its own legendary self-reliance and self-development on this land while there are no more things to apply sanctions to after several rounds of “sanctions resolutions” which amount to several hundreds of pages and a growing number of countries submit to or follow the American-style sophism that the DPRK has no future if it does not “change the path” and “abandon nuclear programme” and keep aloof from it outwardly but sympathize with it inwardly.

The nuclear weapons of Juche Korea now serve as a beacon of justice to give confidence and courage to small nations that have lived without saying a word of protest while being subjected to domination and subjugation, misfortune and sufferings suppressed by the high-handedness of big powers for many years and to usher in a new era of realizing the cause of global independence.

The DPRK will take the lead in the struggle to put right the unfair international order set up by the US and the wrongs of the countries, big and small, which blindly follow and get “accustomed to” it, upholding the treasured nuclear sword for defence of justice and peace, and to build a genuine and just society in which sovereignty and equal rights of all countries are ensured and they work together on the basis of trust and mutual respect.

Though it has a small territory, the DPRK’s style of politics, which is filled with a high sense of independence and pioneers a beautiful future by dint of the might of self-reliance and self-development, has earned it envy and support of humanity as the most ideal and progressive mode of politics, and the original and vital new political current which flows from Juche Korea will completely change the looks of our planet.

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