Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Ryomyong Street

Another street, Ryomyong Street will be built in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.
The site of Ryomyong Street is the meaningful place where Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in which President Kim Il Sung and Сhairman Kim Jong Il lay in state, and Ryongnam Hill on which Chairman Kim Jong Il took a historical oath to add luster to Korea, entering Kim Il Sung University in September Juche 49(1960).
Marshal Kim Jong Un who came to the site where Ryomyong Street will be built in March Juche 105(2016), looking at Kumsusan Palace of the Sun and Ryongnam Hill where Kim Il Sung University situated, instructed to name the street the Ryomyong Street as the street will be built in such a significant place where the dawn break in the Korean revolution.
The main project of Ryomyong Street is to construct the apartment buildings for the educators, scientists and researchers of the Kim Il Sung University, and public buildings and service facilities such as nursery, kindergarten, laundry, post-office and so on.
In order to build Ryomyong Street into a energy-saving street, a green street of 21st century, we are going to supply lighting and heating with solar light, geothermal heating and natural light and to fit the greenhouse on the roof of buildings.
Now, DPRK is channeling all its national efforts to the construction of the apartment buildings for scientists and researchers.
DPRK have already built Unha Scientists Street in Juche 102(2013), Wisong Scientists Dwellings District in Juche 103(2014) and Mirae Scientists Street in Juche 104 (2015).
To construct Ryomyong Street within 2016, Marshal Kim Jong Un dispatched soldiers who had built Mirae Scientists Street by order of the Supreme Commander of Korean People’s Army and took a measure to assist the construction in the whole Party, the whole state and the whole society.
Marshal Kim Jong Un said that the construction of Ryomyong Street is not a simple construction of a street but a political event which shows mettle of the DPRK dashing up towards the world even under all kinds of embargoes and pressures by US imperialists and their followers, the appearance of the DPRK translating the greatest desire of people into reality, and the fact that we can do anything once we determined to do, and boast of living better in our own way.
Service personnel and people of the DPRK will build a wonderful edifice demonstrating the power of a socialist Korea and our Party’s policies of giving priority to the science and the talented, regarding it as fierce battle against US imperialists and their followers.

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