Friday, 29 April 2016

Korean-American Sentenced to 10 Years of Hard Labor

 Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- The Supreme Court of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea on April 29 held a trial on Kim Tong Chol, a Korean-American who was arrested while perpetrating the state subversive plots and espionage against the DPRK.
    Attending the trial as observers were citizens from different walks of life.
    The trial examined the case of Kim, accused of violations of Articles 60 and 64 of the DPRK Criminal Code. And a written indictment confirming his crimes was submitted before inquiries into the facts of the case.
    In the course of the inquiry, the accused confessed to all crimes he had committed to overthrow the social system of the DPRK while viciously slandering the dignity of its supreme leadership and its political system and gathered and offered information on its party, state and military affairs to the south Korean puppet regime, which are tantamount to state subversive plots and espionages.
    Then, witnesses made statements and evidence was presented to prove the crimes of the accused.
    The prosecutor demanded 15 years of hard labor to the accused, contending that he is bound to face a stern punishment under the DPRK law as he committed the said offenses in a scheme to overthrow the socialist system of the DPRK.
    The defense counsel asked the court to commute the demanded penalty, arguing that the crimes by the accused are very serious but he is old and may repent of his faults, witnessing for himself the true picture of the prospering DPRK.
    The court sentenced him to ten years of hard labor. -0

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