Thursday, 21 April 2016

People’s stern punishment

The 20th parliamentary election took place in south Korea on April 13.
The ruling Saenuri Party suffered a heavy defeat in the election as majority of seats went to the Minjoo Party of Korea and other opposition parties.
As a result, the Minjoo Party became the leading party in the National Assembly. The opposition forces held the overwhelming upper hand at the parliament beyond expectation. The National Assembly in which the ruling party holds minorities while the opposition party majority has appeared.
The election was in favor of the ruling party as the opposition party was divided into two and failed to put up a single candidate.  
The ruling party was sure of getting 180 seats out of 300 and the opposition party expected that ruling party would control majority seats.
To say nothing of the majority seats touted by the coteries of the Saenuri Party, they lost the position of the No.1 party at the National Assembly and suffered defeat even in Seoul and the areas they described as power bases, becoming a mourning house. The leadership of the ruling party admitted the defeat and expressed the will to step down.
Now the pro-Park group and opposition Park clique are at loggerheads over the defeat of election.
The Saenuri Party made up the nomination committee with pro-Park elements and never offered an opportunity of nomination to opposition Park figures or hopeful candidates.
The Saenuri Partys defeat in the election is manifestation of the people's pent-up indignation at the Park regime that turned south Korea into a theater of fascism with the revival of yusin and deprived the people of their right to live through retrogressive revision of labor reform and bedeviled inter-Korean ties through war games against north Korea.
After the close of the election, the south Korean mass media have splashed the defeat of Saenuri Party, commenting that the people dealt severe punishment to the Park regime and red light is on for the administration of the government. This time the south Korean people dealt a deadly sledge hammer to the Park and conservative force.
The Chongwadae was shocked by the defeat of the Saenuri Party and the Chongwadae would be a living corpse with the advent of new parliament, the mass media described.
The election result showed that the Park Geun-hye group deserved due punishment of the public sentiment as it is steeped in sycophancy, treachery, inter-Korean confrontation and unpopular policy.

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