Monday, 25 April 2016

The Korean People's Army steel-strong anti-imperialist force of Songun that will defeat US imperialism ! -special article by Dr Dermot Hudson , ASSPUK.JISGE and UK KFA


                                           25th of April Juche 105 (2016)                                                  
Today the Korean People's Army (KPA),commanded by the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN, celebrates the 84th anniversary of its foundation. The KPA was formed  84 years ago in Antu, Manchuria , by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG , the gifted military strategist and iron-willed brilliant commander ,as the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army, subsequently becoming the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in March 1934.President KIM IL SUNG inherited two pistols from his father Mr KIM HYONG JIK. Realising that is was useless, a blind alley, to try and achieve independence from Japanese imperialism by peaceful means . Weapons are our life and soul! Oppose armed force with armed force! proclaimed  President KIM IL SUNG and founded the Anti-Japanese People's Guerilla Army.
 The KPA is standing tall and proud on the Korean peninsula, in the Asia and the world is the steel-strong revolutionary armed force of Songun that is capable of defeating US imperialism and, moreover has the will and resolve to do so. It is full of anti-imperialist fighting spirit . Some countries have large armed forces but lack the resolve to fight US imperialism . The slogan " Let Us Wipe Out the US imperialist aggressors the sworn enemy of the Korean people " is the slogan of the KPA. Once the modern revisionists demanded that the DPRK take down the slogan but the great leader President KIM IL SUNG strictly forbid that saying , on the 25th of August 1960 "Some people say we must peacefully coexist with the Yankees. How can we do so without opposing US imperialism ?. Later in 1963 the slogan "One is  a Match for a Hundred" was put up.
      The KPA,un inflicted  a crushing defeat on the aggressive US imperialists in the 1950s.  Under the leadership of the great generalissimo's KIM IL SUNG and KIM JONG IL , the KPA inflicted many defeats on the US imperialists during the post-war period such as the  capture of the USS Pueblo and shoot down of the EC121 spy plane.

    Under the  Songun based revolutionary leadership of the  great generalissimo KIM JONG IL the KPA was built up as the treasured sword of Songun with its own nuclear deterrent . The KPA is incomparably stronger than in the days of the Fatherland Liberation War or the days of post-war standoff. It not only has 
a nuclear deterrent but also ICBM and SLBMs. It can strike the US mainland to say nothing of US bases in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the army that the US imperialists and world reactionaries fear the most.

     On the 12th of March the General Staff of the KPA declared "   It is the Juche-oriented counter-operation mode of the KPA to immediately contain and wipe out by force of arms troops and means involved in the operation the moment it judges their scenario to intrude into inviolable territory, air and waters over which the DPRK's sovereignty is exercised.
    The KPA will counter the enemies' landing drill aiming at "advance into Pyongyang" with the operation to liberate the whole of south Korea including Seoul and the enemies' tactics of "high-density strike" with an ultra-precision blitzkrieg strike of the Korean style.
    Steadfast is the will of the KPA to mercilessly wipe out those troops hurled into the "operation for advancing into Pyongyang" and blow up the den of architects of it.
    Those who intend to launch aggression and war against the DPRK will be as most foolish and miserable as digging their own graves by themselves from that moment.
    The KPA is waiting for the moment to punish the aggressors, keeping them within its firing range.
    The gun roar for retaliating against the aggressors will turn out to be fireworks celebrating national reunification"
  Thus the KPA is ready to liberate south Korea and bring to an end to the fascist anti-popular comprador ruling system of south Korea . This is a powerful militant declaration .It inspires the world revolutionary people. The liberation of south Korea would a shot in the arm, a great boost to the morale of the international communist movement and world anti-imperialist forces.
   Today under the command of the dear respected leader Marshal KIM JONG UN the KPA is  smashing the provocations of US imperialism and is ready to liberate south Korea and reunify Korea.
   Glory to the Korean People's Army on the day of its foundation ! Long live the KPA commanded by supreme commander dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN!
 Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Deelgate Korean Friendship Association
Member international committee for the Study of Songun Politics

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