Friday, 3 October 2014

UK KFA Statement on the 7th anniversary of the October 4th Declaration


                       London 4th of October 2014
The UK Korean Friendship Association issued the following statement on the 7th anniversary of the signing of the October 4th Declaration.
It is 7 years since the October 4th Declaration was signed by the DPRK and
south Korea in Pyongyang.
The October 4th  declaration cut a pathway through division and partition  toward the cherished aim of independent reunification as well as inter-Korean co-operation . It was a development of  the June 15 spirit for peaceful reunification of Korea and embodied the concept of "By Our Nation Itself".

Unfortunately the fascist Park Geun Hye puppet regime has totally negated the October 4th Declaration and travelled a road of depending on outside forces such as the US and Japan .  The Park regime have slandered the DPRK and insulted its supreme leadership.
                            Central to this hostility is the reactionary concept of "unification by absorption" and inter system confrontation. This theory is a negation of the October 4th Declaration and the June 15th declaration . The so-called "Dresden" declaration and the recent speech by the south Korean puppet chief executive at the UN are symptomatic of this. Korea does not need "German style " reunification bit instead needs Korean style reunification based on the needs and aspirations of the Korean people and the October 4th and June 15th declarations represent the best way of doing this.
We support the heroic struggle of the south Korean people and patriots to realise the implementation of the October 4th Declaration and also ensure the spirit of "By Our Nation Itself " is embodied in all fields of life, this would include the withdrawal of US troops.


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