Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Liars never give up !

UK KFA along with the ASSPUK and JISGE notes that there that sections of the UK and Western media have again spread false and slanderous stories about the DPRK and its supreme leadership and the socialist system . Earlier they spread mendacious and fantastic stories about "coups " and the like only to be forced to eat some serious humble pie when dear respected supreme leader Marshal KIM JONG UN gave guidance to the Wisong Scientists street on the 14th of October. Instead of learning from this they have steamed ahead with yet more lying propaganda. The "Independent " , "Mirror ", "Metro " and "Mail " ( a paper with a poor reputation amongst many KFA members and known to some as the "Hatemail " or the "Daily Wail" or Daily Sieg Hail ) all run false stories about executions but could actually say this time who had been executed ! The source for the story , well straight from the horse's mouth , was the south Korean National Intelligence Service the biggest producer to anti DPRK horror stories which are invariably proved false !

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