Saturday, 25 October 2014

A Down to Earth Explanation of how the DPRK is different to the West

Very nice to hear a down to earth explanation from a DPRK diplomat , made at an anti-imperialist gathering(the Tri-Continental Platform)  ,on the superiority of Juche-based socialism and how the DPRK is different to the UK . He said that he had spoken to the first ever British ambassador to the DPRK, Dr James Hoare When the UK opened diplomatic relations with the DPRK at first there were no embassy premises in Pyongyang for Britain so  ambassador Hoare had to stay in the Koryo Hotel . Because he needed to take a walk to get exercise for his health he would go for a walk around Pyongyang late at night on his own. He discovered that not only was it safe for him to walk around without the fear of muggers or happy slappers but actually encountered many young children out on their own. Such a thing would be totally impossible in the UK as it is not even safe for kids to be out during the day time. 

In the DPRK children go to school by themselves (usually in groups and sometimes singing and marching ) , there is no requirement for parents to drop their children at school, DPRK diplomats based in London found it astonishing that children have to be dropped at schools in the UK , such a thing would be regarded as crazy in the DPRK.

It is worth reflecting about those who want to try and change the DPRK's system , in fact to either bring it down or force "opening up " so that it would be just like the US and other Western countries . These people want to impose a society where it is not possible to children to walk to school safely on their own !

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