Thursday, 2 October 2014

NDC Urges Park Geun Hye to Face up to Reality

    Pyongyang, October 2 (KCNA) -- The spokesman for the Policy Department of the National Defence Commission (NDC) of the DPRK gave the following answer to the question raised by KCNA Thursday in connection with the fact that Park Geun Hye again let loose vitriolic language against the DPRK:
    Park who earned an ill fame as top class confrontational manic and modern day traitor by calling for the "north's dismantlement of nuclear program" and the solution of the "human rights issue in the north" at the UN, again pulled up the DPRK at a "state council meeting" on September 30.
    She said "human rights issue" in the north is the "major aim of unification" pursued by the south Korean authorities, revealing that "unification" touted by them is to bring down the social system in the north in the end.
    Seized by the ambition for confrontation with fellow countrymen, she said that "no passive approach should be taken in fear of the north's backlash". She even cried out for passing the "North Korean Human Rights Act", which was not adopted for the past decade, at the puppet National Assembly session.
    The racket over the "north's nuclear program" and "human rights in the north" kicked up by Park Geun Hye is no more than a struggle of a mentally deranged woman thrown into despair and a desperate bid of a criminal facing her miserable end.
    Park seems to think that it is wisest to support her master's rhetoric about the "human rights in the north" in order to prolong her remaining days even by clinging to the dirty coattail of the U.S.
    She is resorting to the racket of "human rights in the north" in a bid to bury into oblivion the horrible human rights situation in south Korea.
    She should seriously think why the "North Korean Human Rights Act" is rejected by south Koreans including the political circle.
    If she has even a bit of normal thinking faculty, she should face the harsh denunciation of the nation and keep her mouth shut even though she may not take necessary measures.
    She was raised in Chongwadae watching her father taking to flunkeyism and submitting to big powers. After his father's tragic death she led an isolated life, away from ordinary people. So, she might know about "human rights" in the society where the rich gets ever richer and the poor ever poorer but she can never understand the genuine human rights in genuine society centered on the popular masses.
    Park is seriously mistaken if she thinks she can distort the truth and defy the just mindset of the people by making such coarse invectives.
    Her ugly stream of invectives that she will settle the "human rights issue in the north" through "cooperation with the international community" is little short of an open declaration of her intention never to give up the ambition for "unification through absorption".
    Park should clearly face up to the reality, not forgetting even a moment that her short tongue can put her long neck at stake. -0-

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