Thursday, 9 October 2014

Eternal Party Flag of Juche


Eternal Party Flag of Juche
On October 8, Juche 86 (1997), 17 years ago, great leader Kim Jong Il was elected general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, a dignified revolutionary party of Juche.
It was a historical event of great significance in realizing the cause of building Juche-oriented party and the Juche revolutionary cause.
By holding leader Kim Jong Il on the top post of the Party, the revolutionary character of the WPK as a party of the leader could be more firmly secured and a decisive guarantee for developing the WPK and accomplishing the Juche revolutionary cause could be provided.
The history of the WPK building pioneered by President Kim Il Sung is a sacred one which registered the victory and glory thanks to leader Kim Jong Il’s idea on revolutionary party building and his immortal exploits.
The undying party building exploits of Leader Kim Jong Il are that he created the epochal example of building a party of the leader and provided an ever-lasting cornerstone to strengthen the WPK into a party of the leader forever.
He developed the WPK into a guiding force of the Songun revolution. During the period of the arduous march, the force march in which the Korean revolution faced the bitter tribulations, he put up the Songun revolution as the main political mode under socialism and strengthened the WPK into the general staff and guiding force of the Songun revolution so thus unfolded a new era of the development of the WPK and the Korean revolution advancing under the banner of Songun.
He developed the WPK into a motherly party which formed a harmonious whole with the popular masses and faithfully serves them.
For his long leadership of the Korean revolution and the cause of global independence and the immortal exploits he performed during the time, leader Kim Jong Il enjoyed the absolute authority as a master of the revolutionary party building and an outstanding elder statesman of socialism, and commanded the boundless respect and trust of the Korean people and the world progressive mankind.
Therefore, the progressive mankind held him in high esteem as a distinguished leader of the cause of the global independence and entrusted the destiny of socialism and the future of humankind to him.
Indeed, the revolutionary exploits of leader Kim Jong Il who developed the WPK into the party of comrade Kim Il Sung and led the Juche revolutionary cause and the Songun revolutionary cause to victories only with superb ideas and matchless leadership will live forever along with the centuries.

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