Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Paean to the Motherly Party

Paean to the Motherly Party
There are on the earth hundreds of parties with hundreds of years of history, but only the Workers’ Party of Korea is called a motherly party.
The WPK is a great motherly party which devotedly serves the people.
The WPK is the party which regards the people's interests and convenience as foremost and absolute, holds responsible for the people's destiny and future and leads them to the last and staunchly struggles for their wealth and prosperity under socialism.
Its politics is the benevolent one consistent with the love and trust for the people.
Leader Kim Jong Il clarified that a socialist ruling party exists for the sake of the people and the bounden duty of the WPK is to struggle for the people's independent demands and interests.
He paid special attention to make the party a motherly party which rallies the broad segments of people and hold responsible for and takes care of their destiny.
He saw to it that when working out a line and policy and implements them, they should be fully accorded with the people's intention and desire, never infringing their interests.
So the people call the WPK holding accountable for the destiny and future of all the people a motherly party and absolutely trust in and follow it.
Greeting October 10, the birthday of the WPK, every year, south Koreans, too, recollect with deep national pride and self-respect the proud course the WPK has traversed upholding the peerless great men at its top post.
They say that the victorious history of the WPK is the one of great President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il in which the WPK could emerge ever-victorious by holding them whom the Korean nation acclaimed for the first time in its 5,000 year-long history as its leaders. They highly praise that it is only the WPK which enjoys the absolute trust of the people and forms the ties of blood with them, being called a motherly party.
Their reverence for the great party gets more fervent as the WPK holds in high esteem leader Kim Jong Il as its eternal general secretary and comrade Kim Jong Un as its first secretary.


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