Friday, 24 October 2014

ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA denounce "leaflet scattering "

            London 24th of October Juche 103(2014)
The ASSPUK, the Juche Idea Study Group of the England and UK Korean Friendship Association today issued a joint statement on the issue of the "leaflet scattering " operations conducted by the south Korean puppets and US imperialists :
It is relevant to refer to the  statements of the Committee For the Peaceful Reunification of Korea of the 23rd of October (information bulletin no 1076 ) and the white paper of the DPRK National Reunification Institute of the 24th of October  . Both the statement and the White Paper fully laid bare the criminal actions of the south Korean puppet clique and US imperialists in trying to undermine the unity and stability of the DPRK by carrying out underhand psychological warfare operations against it .  These actions are basically a declaration of war and gravely destablise peace in Korea and the whole Asia -Pacific region.
                               The White Paper of the National Reunification Institute exposes the long history of these operations and shows that behind "leaflet scattering " operations are none other than the US
imperialists and the south Korean puppet regimes. The US has carried such operations going right back to the period of the Korean war in the 1950s and spent millions of dollars on these operations which were directed by special psychological warfare units of the US Army and south Korean
puppet army . Today is no different as the human scum, the traitors to the Juche motherland , have received encouragement and financial assistance in from both the US and south Korea in order to carry out such operations.
Such operations run the risk of provoking a war as the DPRK has made it fully clear many times that it will not tolerate the infringement of its sovereignty nor the violation of the dignity of the Supreme leadership and the socialist system. Moreover these actions  are actually illegal under south Korean law and international law as well . They are also in violation of the Korean Armistice Agreement and the various inter Korean agreements and declarations. Thus the south Korean puppets and their US
masters have been caught in the act of violating various agreements.

We, the ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA believe that in the interests of peace these operations must be halted at once and never revived or repeated.

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