Monday, 30 July 2018

Speech of David UK KFA Organisation Secretary to meeting of ASSPUK, JISGE and UK KFA to celebrate victory in the Fatherland Liberation War held on 28th July

Dear comrades and friends,

The Victory Day, July 27th is the day that every Anti-imperialist, Communist and peace and reunification defenders must celebrate. 

July 27th was the day when the Korean People united in the Korean People's Army led by the Great General Kim Il Sung defeated and humiliated the US Imperialist and their puppets forces.

The US Imperialist who shouted before the World of its world-wide domain and supremacy and his military power that could not defeat to a People united for the Independence, freedom and socialism and defending their young Socialist Republic.

The US Imperialism mobilise 2 millions troops with the most modern equipment with the help of 15 puppet countries.

 This was the most bloody and barbaric war that no empire has ever done.

The US massacred and tortured the Korean People like rabid animals, raping women's, using chemical weapons, bombing civilians just to continue their expansion and supremacy. But nothing served to destroy the freedom and independence of a People united with a strong ideology who is more powerful than mass destruction weapons.

 Korean people won their victory in defence of real freedom, independence and socialism, and destroying the moral of the invading troops who called them helve the defenders of "democracy and freedom" when they are the only ones who destroyed this ideals in every country that they wanted to slaved.

This war led to a defeat that the imperialism tried to hidden for decades as this will prove that the US Imperialism where more genocides than any other Imperialism in human history.

The KPA killed, wounded and captured more than 1,567,000 troops, including more than 405,000 US aggressors destroyed and seized more than 12,200 aircraft, more than 560 ships of different types, more than 3,200 tanks. 2.3 times the losses suffered in the Pacific War during World War II.

The struggle of the Korean people never will end till the reunification of the whole Korean people is achieve and the history Hidden by the Imperialism is study in every single School of South Korea and the World. KFA plays a very important role to explain the real history hidden by the the ones that called them shelves "Great Democracy and world peace defenders"

Korea has demonstrated in the history of the Working class struggle its great ideological consciousness and collectivism. This proves than Korea will be always victorious and will defend and build their socialism based on the popular masses and the Juche Idea. And this only is possible in this days with the wise leadership of Marshall Kim Jong Un.

If the Trump Administration want peace as the entire Korean people wants for decades is very simple. 
Leave South Korea and leave Korean to achieve the reunification between Koreans.

Long Live the Korean Peoples Army!

Long Live the Reunification of the Korean Peninsula!

Long Live the DPRK!

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