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Great leader of the People-remembering the great leader President KIM IL SUNG on the 24th anniversary of his demise


"Kim Il Sung was the most outstanding leader of the 20th century and a peerlessly great man."  KIM JONG UN 

President KIM IL SUNG who passed away on the 8th of July 1994 is revered as the eternal leader of the Korean people , the great leader of the Korean people  .Some outside the Democratic People's Republic of Korea do not understand the term and unfairly chide those who use the term even though president KIM IL SUNG is upheld by the Korean people and world revolutionary as a great leader , a great revolutionary and a great statesman . Those who criticise the term are  far influenced by the idea of the so-called 'personality cult ' , a bourgeois ,imperialist and  revisionist construct that is used to attack real ,authentic socialism .
  President KIM IL SUNG was a great leader of a great country and a great leader of a great people.
Throughout his life which spanned the 20th century , President KIM IL SUNG worked for the Korean people and led them  all his life , right up to his last moments.
   From an early age President KIM IL SUNG struggled for independence against Japanese imperialism  .He battled it out against the Japanese imperialists for over a decade finally liberating Korea on August 15th 1945. He did not stop at just securing independence for the Korean people but instead proceeded to build a new society  by smashing and completely eliminating all the after-effects of the previous barbaric and backward Japanese imperialist colonial rule . In the years after Korea's liberation , the anti-imperialist ,anti-feudal democratic revolution was carried  out  . Evils such as
unemployment and prostitution disappeared . Illiteracy the scourge of the old society was vanquished. The Democratic People's Republic of Korea was founded by comrade KIM IL SUNG in 1948.
   President KIM IL SUNG again led the Korean people in the struggle for independence but this time against the American imperialists aggressors who pounced on the young people's republic in June 1950 with the aim of smashing the gains of the new people's democracy and making Korea their colony and plaything . Thanks to the leadership of the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG and the heroism and self-sacrifice of the Korean people , the US was defeated . However the US has
caused immense destruction.
   President KIM IL SUNG led the Korean people to recover from the war damage and build a powerful country of independence , self-sufficiency and self-defence on the ruins of war  , a country better than before .Revisionists and great power chauvinists scoffed at this but President KIM IL SUNG a man of steel will led the people to accomplish socialist industrialisation and found a unique and original road to socialism.
  The socialism that President KIM IL SUNG built was not a copy of another country . It was the Korean style socialism , the socialism of Juche  .The world revolutionary people began to call People's Korea , the model country of socialism . President KIM IL SUNG did not believe in bureaucracy , he did not repeat the mistakes of other socialist countries.He created new people-centred methods of management and guidance .President KIM IL SUNG actually stayed for 15 days at the Chongsan Co-operative farm . It was here that he created the famous Chongsan ri method and Chongsan Ri spirit which means that instead of sitting in offices ,party cadres go down to basic units and help them and learn from them .
   President KIM IL SUNG built a socialist paradise without taxation(abolished in 1974) and with
free education , free health care, old age pensions, social security etc , A true land of wonder to behold.
 For all these reasons we remember the comrade KIM IL SUNG as a great leader of the people .
Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England .
Chairman UK Korean Friendship Association
Chairman British Solidarity Committee for Peace and Reunification on the Korean Peninsula
hon secretary International Committee for Songun Study.

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