Monday, 16 July 2018

Speech made by Dr Dermot Hudson to the meeting Working for Peace on the Korean Peninsula July 1st 2018

The recent summit between the supreme leader of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , the chairman of Workers Party of Korea and the US president Donald Trump has caught the attention of everyone  and is a very hot topic.  The people of the world are pleased that the danger of a destructive nuclear war has been avoided thanks to the peace loving efforts of People's Korea and the world is breathing a most heartfelt sigh of relief . Moreover it is a startling fact that Trump was forced to sit down and sign a joint statement with the DPRK a country that only 9 months ago he was saying that he would destroy it with fire and fury . In fact successive US regimes have all had regime change and the destruction of People's Korea as their agenda both overtly and covertly . The US unleashed the Korean War in the 1950s and imposed sanctions on the DPRK  for decade after decade so here was the US finally giving the DPRK some recognition and legitimacy !
   Although the ordinary people have welcomed the DPRK-US summit and the joint statement , however it has been attacked by US ruling class and establishment through their media . A shadowy and enigmatic cabal of so-called "NGOs " , journalists , overpaid academics, so-called "strategic experts " and politicians are opposing the joint statement , jumping up and down making noise . A bizarre and unholy alliance of extreme right wing neo-Cons on the one hand and trendy liberals on the other hand has been formed and  is opposing the agreement .Amongst those sympathetic and supportive of the DPRK  a small minority of people have expressed unease and worry about what will happen to the DPRK . Some are asking  will Trump keep his promises to DPRK ? Will the agreement hold ? .
    What is needed is an analysis of the reasons why the US decided to de-escalate tensions with the DPRK and why the most unprecedented step of holding the DPRK-US summit was taken  ? As Trump himself said the DPRK-US summit avoided a nuclear war in which millions would die.
   Thanks to the Songun policy and the line of building up a nuclear deterrent People's Korea has emerged as a nuclear power , a strategic state . In reality  the US was begging the DPRK to hold dialogue with them  scared by the prospect of a nuclear  war. Last year the DPRK crossed the nuclear finishing line and became both a nuclear power and an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile(ICBM)  possessing power.
   The DPRK is said to possess between 20 to 60 nuclear warheads although this has never been confined . A limited nuclear strike of the DPRK consisting of 3 or 4 warheads would probably kill a 100 times or more the number that were killed in the September 11th incident of 2001 . Also even a limited nuclear strike by the DPRK could wreck or disable the electronic and virtual infrastructure  of the entire imperialist world. At the same time a war on the Korean peninsula would have  been tremendously destructive and would have seen  billions of dollars of US investments in south Korea including Trump's own investments , completely incinerated  . Despite talk by some hotheads and extremists in the US , the last thing the US wanted was a war with the DPRK . It had to be avoided at all costs.
    Basically this shows that the Songun revolutionary line developed by the great leader comrade KIM JONG IL  and carried forward by dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN was correct and also the policy of developing nuclear deterrence . It meant that respected Marshal KIM JONG UN went into the negotiations with Trump from a position of strength. The DPRK did not go into the negotiations with the US empty-handed but as a nuclear power.
  There is another reason why the US entered into negotiations with the DPRK .The other plank in the US's anti-DPRK maximum pressure strategy was sanctions . In the past few years the US piled on sanction after sanction against the DPRK  either unilaterally or through the UNSC security council. In the past 18 months the US imposed sanctions on the DPRK 12 times through Treasury Department and State Department targeting 65 individuals, 56 entities and 45 vessels of the DPRK, and 32 entities, 12 individuals and 9 vessels of other countries allegedly involved in transactions with the DPRK; 219 designations in total. Since 2006 the UN Security Council has imposed many sets of sanctions against the DPRK . The sanctions against the DPRK both by the US and UNSC failed to stop the DPRK from developing nuclear weapons and ICBMs. . Each time there was a DPRK nuclear test or a major ICBM test , the US and UNSC would impose more sanctions but the DPRK continued testing missiles and nukes . The sanctions became a joke . Moreover the sanctions failed in their hidden aim of economically strangling the DPRK  and destroying the socialist system of the DPRK . The DPRK undertook the construction of Mirae Scientists Street , Ryomyong Street , the gigantic
Sci-Tech Complex and many other projects. Even some ill-disposed bourgeois imperialist experts conceded that the DPRK economy was growing . So the sanctions policy that was meant to bring the DPRK to its knees and destroy its system  turned out to be a miserable failure.
   Thus the US had no choice but to enter into negotiations with the DPRK  including holding the first ever DPRK-US summit .
  Of course there should be no room for complacency .The imperialist mainstream  media in the US and Britain has been very hostile to the summit and its outcome. There is an unholy alliance of extreme neo-cons  and liberals  who are opposed to the DPRK-US summit including politicians from both sides in the US  .A shadowy anti-DPRK cabal  of NGOs , academics , journalists and politicians  exist. There is a danger of the DPRK-US  joint statement being either  voided , revised  or diluted  which could cause the situation to return to one of extreme tension, US troops remain in south Korea and a permanent peace treaty has yet to be signed . Therefore it devolves on  UK KFA to step up the campaign to defend People's Korea and Juche-based socialism as well as campaigning for the withdrawal of US troops from south Korea and a permanent peace treaty.
  One issue that might arise is that the US could attempt to indulge in hard or aggressive engagement of the DPRK and put forward demands for the DPRK’s civil nuclear power industry to be frozen or closed down , therefore we may need to campaign to defend the DPRK’s right to independent nuclear power.
  Although there is the possibility of the DPRK-US joint statement being ditched at the same time imperialist tactics towards the DPRK may undergo a long term change and may switch to the strategy " peaceful conversion " , "building bridges " etc. ( as tried in the old USSR and Eastern Europe )in an attempt to destroy socialism in People's Korea in new ways . In this case we must defend the Juche-based socialist system .However  none of this detracts from the fact that it was the DPRK's strength and the tactics of respected Marshal KIM JONG UN that pushed the US to the negotiating table.

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