Monday, 23 July 2018

KCNA Commentary on Japan's Bid to Stem Trend of Regional Situation

Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- The political and moral immaturity of Japan that has been marginalized by the international community was disclosed again, drawing the ire from the public.

On July 11 when he visited Malaysia and met with his new Malaysian counterpart, Japanese Foreign Minister Kono humiliatingly begged for cooperation in tackling the "abduction issue", stressing the need to keep on sanctions against someone.

Days after, he called on his French counterpart to say the same thing, asserting that it is needed to maintain the economic sanctions for north Korea's complete denuclearization.

The silly behavior of the Japanese diplomatic boss is a wicked and mean one of narrow-minded guys of an island nation to stem at any cost the trend of the regional situation developing on good terms and get rid of the position of "passing Japan". Such action only invites sneers from all people.

All the countries that are interested in the Korean peninsula issue are putting spurs to diplomatic efforts to join in the positive development of regional situation.

But the Japanese reactionaries alone feel unhappy with the current trend of reconciliation and peace on the Korean peninsula.

It is because that the developments are tantamount to the worst disaster for Japan which has rushed headlong into the moves for a "country capable of fighting a war" with an old dream of the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere" and for the Abe regime which has made profits on the escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula.

Clear is the purpose sought by Japan to meddle in the issue of the Korean peninsula while persistently building up public opinion about "maintenance of sanctions" and "abduction issue".

The Japanese reactionaries seek to tide over the domestic and foreign crisis caused by high-profile scandal, attain their militarist objective through retrogressive revision of the constitution, etc. and tempt the international community with cheap "money diplomacy".

In fact, such behavior is a clear expression of Japan's vulgar ambition and political and moral immaturity.

Recently an expert at the Russian institute of strategic studies said regarding Japan's politics that Japan is throwing hurdles in the upcoming successful cooperation with the DPRK and sparking disputes over the denuclearization of the Koran peninsula.

As long as Japan turns blind eyes to the realty and insists on the already-settled "abduction issue", it will only lift up the critical voice of the world public demanding apology and reparation for the Japanese imperialists' past crimes woven with blood shed by the Korean nation.

Even personages of political and social circles in Japan, too, comment that "the job to be done by Japan now is to make an apology for the colonization of the Korean peninsula".

As the saying goes, every sin brings punishment to it.

Japan had better bear in mind that the harder it swims against the regional demand and trend of the times, the farther it will be marginalized by history. -0-

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