Friday, 27 July 2018

On the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War KFA Romania and Communist Party of Romania

Friday, 27th of July, marks the 65th anniversary of a glorious event of the anti-imperialist struggle of the Korean people. 65 years ago, the DPRK, actively supported by USSR and China, crushed the imperialist armies which were trying to seize the whole Korean Peninsula, after occupying the South in August 1945.
After 5 years of military terror in the South, time in which the lackeys of the US imperialism had committed there unimaginable horrors, these reactionary classes, far from being pleased with how many crimes they have committed and wishing to extend the fascist regime in the North, launched in the morning of 25th of June 1950, an attack on the young Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Comrade Kim Il Sung, the great revolutionary hero of the anti-Japanese struggle and leader of the DPRK, remained firm on position and made up an emergency plan to immediately frustrate the imperialist offensive and to liberate the South from the yoke of American imperialism. In just a month and a half after the beginning of the war, the brave Korean People's Army managed to liberate 90% of the Peninsula. Unfortunately, the situation turned dramatic, as the US imperialists launched a powerful offensive by mobilizing huge numbers of its fleet and mercenaries from 15 states under the guise of the UN. The KPA adopted a policy of strategic retreat, as ordered by Comrade Kim Il Sung. In October 1950, Comrade Mao Zedong, at the request of the DPRK, sent the Chinese People's Volunteer Army, numbering 1.350.000 soldiers. Comrade Stalin, the leader of the USSR, also sent some 26.000 combat effectives. The KPA succedded in completely liberating the North until the end of December 1950. From the beginning of that moment, the front line stabilised along the 38th Parallel.
It must be mentioned that during this terrible war, the imperialists slaughtered over 1 million Korean people, using some of the most barbaric methods ever. The Korean people were shot, buried alive, burnt to death, intoxicated with poisonous gases or had their limbs tore apart by carts driven by bulls. The pregnant women were killed, their bellies cut and the baby killed. These crimes are as horrible as the ones committed by the Nazis. However, the capitalist media tends to ignore these facts. The people are brainwashed to see the imperialists as the "shining light of democracy". But we will not hesitate to unmask the imperialists and show to the people the true face of the United States, an agressive, murderous and colonialist state.
After the repulse of the desperate attempts of the US imperialists and its puppets to conquer the DPRK, the day of 27th of July 1953 brought the victory of the heroic Korean people. Thus, the imperialists and its vassals were forced to admit their defeat and to sign the armistice agreement. In the evening of that day, the sky of Pyongyang was illuminated by triumph salvoes fired in honour of the great victory. On the same day, Comrade Kim Il Sung was declared Hero of the DPRK, for his outstanding achievements that made possible the winning of the war.
The day of July 27, 1953 will be forever recorded in history as the fay when the forces of Good smashed the forces of Evil, the day when the revolutionary forces crushed the reactionaries led by the United States, the day when imperialism was dealt a crushing blow, the day when the bourgeoisie and its lackeys from all around the world were hit in their pride of exploiters and killers of the working masses. The day of 27th of July 1953 proved once more the correctness of the saying of Comrade Stalin, by which "no army is invincible", it showed once again that unity and determination of the people represent the decisive factor in a war. The united and determined people can defeat an enemy which is better prepared and has large numbers. The Korean people, firmly united and determined,managed to defeat the imperialist army, which had numerical and technical superiority. At the same time, the day of 27th of July 1953 marked the start of the postwar reconstruction of the DPRK and its development into a powerful socialist country, a land of prosperity, happiness, equality and justice.
May the memory of the Korean people's heroes which shed their precious blood in the fight against the imperialists be immortal! Eternal glory to the Korean People's Army! Eternal glory to Comrade Kim Il Sung! Eternal glory to the DPRK!

KFA Romania
Communist Party of Romania

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