Thursday, 5 July 2018

Korean Democratic Lawyers Association and KCSWP denounce Japanese criminal act

On June 28 the Japanese customs authority examined the luggages of the students of the Chongryon(the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan) Kobe Korean High School, back from their visit to the motherland, in every nook and corner and seized the souvenirs from their relatives in the motherland. They seized the daily commodities and even their sports uniforms, inscribed with the letter of "DPR Korea" and with the symbol of national flag of the DPRK.
This is none other than the robbery that can be conducted in the Japanese political environment where the hostile attitude towards the Chongryon is encouraged as the national policy. And this is none other than the dreary scene that can be produced in the Japanese "law-abiding" system, full of extreme hostility and prejudice against the Koreans in Japan.
This unprecedented grave infringement upon human rights arouse the national indignation of the Korean people.
The Japanese authorities' suppression against the Koreans in Japan is the unpardonable criminal act that violently infringed upon the international humanitarian law for human rights and the related international laws that are globally recognized.
UN Charter defines to value the main rights and dignity of the human being and the UN human rights declaration clarifies that every human being has his dignity and independent right as a human being, together with the right to existence, to freedom and to personal inviolability. The political persecution, discrimination and the suppression of the Japanese authorities against the Koreans and their sons and daughters in Japan, with the only reason that they are Koreans, are the grave infringement upon the human rights that violate the UN Charter and UN human rights declaration.
It is not a first time for the Japanese authorities to conduct the suppression, threat and terror against the Chongryon and our compatriots in Japan.
Not only from the viewpoint of the historical background of the Koreans in Japan, but also from the viewpoint of the legal position of the Chongryon, the Japanese authorities have legal and humanitarian obligation to secure their rights and to treat them preferentially.
None the less, the authorities have been pursuing the continuous discrimination, persecution and suppression against the Koreans in Japan. This is the culmination of the infringement upon the human rights.
Strongly denouncing the fascist maneuvers of the Japanese authorities, who conducted the persecution against the sons and daughters of the Koreans in Japan, as the criminal acts contrary to the morality, the KDLA and KCSWP urge the Japanese authorities to stop at once the political persecution and discrimination against the Koreans in Japan and to secure their life and human rights.
We wish the world progressive peoples with great effort to  securing justice, peace, human rights and the right to existence will pay concern to the Japanese authorities' political persecution and suppression and will raise your voices of the international solidarity against them.

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