Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Nailing anti- DPRK myths and misconceptions.


During our successful UK KFA DPRK Poster exhibition one hostile person came into the exhibition and made some awful anti-DPRK comments . It would take a whole book to list the diatribe in its entirety and refute it(the usual old stuff about starvation and 'gulags ' etc ) but one old chestnut surfaced , which is a one that some on the Left and some friends of the DPRK , that the DPRK came about because "The Russians put Kim Il Sung in power ".
This is a slander and far from the truth . In any case the Russian Federation did not exist in 1945 but the Soviet Union , a multi-national , multi ethnic state .It is of course true that the Soviet army played a role in liberating Korea side by side with the Korean People's Revolutionary Army(KPRA) led by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung .
In fact the Soviet Union had a neutrality pact with Japan and had only declared war on Japan on the 9th of August 1945 whereas the anti-Japanese armed struggle had been going for more than a decade.
Comrade Kim Il Sung did not need anyone else or another country to "put him in power " . He was the undisputed leader of the Korean people who had fought the Japanese aggressors for 20 years .
At the age of 14 comrade Kim Il Sung had formed the Down With Imperialism Union in 1926 , then the Korean Revolutionary Army in July 1930 and the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army in 1932 (which became the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in 1934) .
. The KPRA fought the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and the Juche Idea . They seized weapons from the Japanese aggressors or manufactured their own . Some earnestly sought the help of the Soviet Union, the first socialist state, asking the Soviets to supply them with a hand-grenade factory but this never materialised so they made their own hand-grenades the 'Yongil bomb.
the KPRA fought many battles against the Japanese imperialist agressors such the battle of Pochonbo and the battle of Musan to name just a few .
In August 1945 the KPRA went into action for the final offensive to liberate Korea and at the same time people's armed units in Korea staged armed uprisings . Korea was finally liberated from Japan.
Comrade Kim Il Sung built a new Korea , Juche Korea which was not a copy of the Soviet Union or the US but a state representing the interests of the Korean people. The socialism built in Korea was not a copy of the USSR or China or anywhere else , but Korean style , Juche-based socialism. In fact the big power chauvinists of the USSR actually tried to get pro-Soviet factionalists in the DPRK to stage a coup to remove comrade Kim Il Sung from power.
So once again another myth smashed

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