Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Japan Should Have Will to Redeem Its Past: KCNA Commentary

Pyongyang, July 18 (KCNA) -- Japanese Foreign Minister Kono at recent talks with the director-general of IAEA said "the Japanese government is willing to bear the primary cost necessary for inspecting the nuclear facilities of north Korea and support the work of IAEA."

Prime Minister Abe talked about Japan's "willingness to bear the cost for the denuclearization of north Korea" in June last.

What the politicians of an island country uttered are so mean and crude.

They should be called charlatans rather than politicians as they seek to poke their nose into the issue of the Korean peninsula with a petty amount of money out of their sly calculation to get profits.

As mentioned several times, Japan has neither face nor qualification to take part in the settlement of the issue of the Korean peninsula.

Japan is censured worldwide for having gone against the trend of the times by persisting in its hostile moves against the DPRK.

Such a country is impudently talking about "support" and "bearing of cost". This is just a sly trick to conceal its awful idea of not wanting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

Japan still remains unchanged in its base way of thinking that money can resolve everything.

Showing off its purse, Japan is talking about "international contribution" and "contribution to global peace". Behind the scene it steps up its "Self-Defense Forces'" overseas advance and even seeks to emerge a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

Japan says it redeemed its sinful past with a meager amount of money, denying its crime-woven history of aggression and plunder against other countries and nations, a history stained with their blood.

Typical of such examples was that Japan cooked up the "agreement" with south Korea in 1965 and the "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army in 2015 by bribing traitor Park Chung-hee and the Park Geun Hye clique.

Such crooked political dealing might work in the past but it can never work now that peace, reconciliation and international confidence are prioritized.

Japan is a shameless country which has not yet repented of its past crimes, to say nothing of apology and reparation, 73 years after its defeat.

Its rubbish about "willingness to bear cost" only infuriates the Korean people.

Japan had better have the will to redeem its past, instead of talking such nonsense about "willingness."

Japan is obliged to honestly apologize for its colonial rule over Korea and inhuman crimes against Koreans in the past century and redeem the past. This is just what it should do now. -0-

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