Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Lifelong Task

Chairman Kim Jong Il started his work in the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea on June 19, Juche 53(1964).
He kept awake all night in his office feeling a great sense of responsibility for the Party and revolution and came out to the garden early next dawn.
The flag of the WPK was floating high on the building of the Central Committee.
Seeing the flag he said to the officials that the flag permeated the great revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung as it was and now we should fly high that red flag and it was his lifelong task to strengthen and develop the WPK into the Party of President Kim Il Sung forever.
With this clear faith and will he conducted energetic ideological and theoretical activities, formulated the Juche idea, the guiding idea of the Party, as Kimilsungism and proclaimed modeling the whole society on Kimilsungism as the supreme programme of the WPK.
And he had the whole Party set up the monolithic ideological system and monolithic system of leadership invariably and wisely led the Party building and activities with the guiding idea of the Juche idea.
Thus the WPK was able to be strengthened into the invincible Party that completed unity and solidarity of ideology and will centered on the leader.
It is the bright fruit of Chairman Kim Jong Il’s idea and leadership for building the Party that today the WPK can go along the road of independence without any slightest vacillation in political crisis.

Certainly June 19 is the unforgettable day left an indelible trace in the history of the WPK with the Party founding (Oct. 10, 1945).

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