Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sweeping actions against the US and war

Of late, the Uncle Sam has shipped and deployed strategic strike means including strategic bombers loaded with nuclear warheads and nuclear-powered submarine into south Korea to launch nuclear war rehearsal against north Korea.
In pursuit of its policy hostile towards north Korea, the US bellicose moves to impose a nuclear holocaust upon the Korean nation trigger off the public criticism.
Some days ago, the Korea Solidarity for Independent Reunification and Democracy launched a stubborn action against the US bringing nuclear war crisis to the Korean Peninsula in front of the American embassy in Seoul.
It stressed that the US is ready to commit manslaughter or ignite a war for the sake of its interest, in particular, it pinpointed north Korea as an “axis of evil” and conducted nuclear war drills annually to strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula, while chanting slogans "U.S. forces, stop nuclear war game against north Korea and leave south Korea!" and “US violating sovereignty of south Korea, get out of here!”
The US used an atomic bomb, examined nuclear attack on north Korea in the past Korean War and launched nuclear war exercises every year to pose open threat of nuclear strike, it charged.
Through 19 occasions of action in front of the US embassy, it censured that the US, which has persevered in arms buildup and biochemical warfare, is the author of escalating tension on the Korean Peninsula, the very one responsible for Korea's division, a starting point of the south Koreans’ pain and the enemy of the globe.
In the rallies held under the sponsorship of the civic bodies including the Solidarity for Peace and Unification and the Lawyers for a Democratic Society they denounced the Uncle Sam that has deployed nuclear-powered submarine and “F-22” stealth fighters into south Korea, putting a dogged military pressure upon north Korea.
Amid the south Korean people’s strong actions for peace against war, the south Korean online papers including Minjok Ilbo divulged frantic war maneuvers of the US aimed at “occupation of Pyongyang”, “removal of north Korean leadership” and “subversion of north Korean system” and the above-said facts are evident who pose menace on the Korean Peninsula, it noted.

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