Friday, 8 July 2016

Remembering the great leader President KIM IL SUNG speech made by Dermot Hudson to joint seminar


Myself and a good friend from the Juche Idea Study Group of England have travelled to the DPRK to study the Juche Idea at the Korean Juche Idea Academy in Manyongdae District . The Academy was only 10 minutes drive from the President's birthplace .
We arrived around the 20th of June and left on the 2nd of July travelling back to the UK via Beijing .
During our visit we saw the image of President KIM IL SUNG in newspapers like "Rodong Sinmun " . Just before we had arrived President KIM IL SUNG had given on the spot guidance to some co-operative farms on the edge of Pyongyang . I remember seeing the picture of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG looking towards some irrigation balloons. It was also shown on tv. We also saw him on tv meeting foreign guests , the majestic melody of "Long live Marshal KIM IL SUNG would be played each time. One such foreign guest was Ludo Martens leader of the Workers Party of Belgium .
    We got back to the UK on the 3rd of July after a memorable and successful visit. We went back to our separate towns. Coming back to the UK wa a bit of culture shock after being in the DPRK where we had seen lines of disciplined schoolchildren going to school and a high standard of cleanliness everywhere .
    Suddenly on the morning of Saturday 9th the BBC starkly announced the news that the great leader President KIM IL SUNG had passed away. At first I could not believe and thought it was lies or propaganda. Our delegation had been the last British delegation to be in the DPRK before the great leader President KIM IL SUNG passed away
    The great leader President KIM IL SUNG worked all his life for the independence of the people. . He was a tireless fighter who battled against imperialism all his life leading the Korean people first against the rapacious Japanese imperialists, then against the barbaric US imperialists . President KIM IL SUNG waged a 15 year long  armed struggle against the Japanese imperialists becoming a legendary general distinguished by his adroit guerrilla tactics. He gave the Korean people independence and liberation , something that is so precious it cannot be bartered for billions of tons of gold bullion.
   President KIM IL SUNG was the ever-victorious iron-willed brilliant commander and gifted military strategist who defeated the Yankee imperialist aggressors who had tried to crush People's Korea when it was young . Thus again he defended the independence of the people.
  Under the leadership of  the great leader President KIM IL SUNG ,two stages of revolution were carried out : the anti-imperialist,anti-feudal democratic revolution and the socialist revolution.He founded the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) , an unique socialist state of Juche centred on the popular masses , a peoples parade.  The DPRK has proved to be a most durable ,stable and harmonious socialist state.    The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG ensured that Rightist and Leftist deviations were avoided in the construction of socialism. Moreover socialism in Korea was not a copy of another country but Korean-style socialism, an independent Juche socialism. The DPRK upheld socialist principles when others introduced capitalist-style methods.
   Independence, independence and independence was the creed of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG . He authored the Juche Idea which lights the road of independence for the popular masses and teaches us that man is the master of everything .  The Juche idea captivated the anti-imperialists and revolutionaries throughout the world . Thousands of seminars on the Juche idea have been held all over the world. Recently the British people applied the Juche Idea in practice by voting to leave the European Union
    The Songun idea initiated by the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG  in  the fiery days of the anti-Japanese armed struggle  is based on the concept that independence is achieved by arms and the victorious revolution is defended by arms .The Songun idea , which has been implemented by the worthy successors of the great leader generalissimo KIM IL SUNG, eternal general secretary KIM JONG IL and dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN , is the treasured sword that defends the independence and dignity of People's Korea the bastion of world socialism
   The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG upheld the banner of anti- US ,anti -imperialist struggle when others preached 'peaceful co-existence ' and grovelled to imperialism . He upheld unity against division when others split the international communist movement and socialist camp. The great leader comrade KIM IL SUNG held high the red flag of socialism when others abandoned it. He was a great revolutionary true to his faith until the very last moments of his life. President KIM IL SUNG put forward the line of global independence and was known the sun of the world revolution.
  The great leader President KIM IL SUNG put forward  correct policies for independent national reunification as well for the south Korean revolution.
    Today we , the ASSPUK and JISGE, remember  great  President KIM IL SUNG as the eternal leader of the Korean people and WPK , the author of the Juche idea, the benevolent liberator of the Korean people, the ever-victorious iron-willed commander and the outstanding leader of the world revolution. The ideas and cause of the great leader President KIM IL SUNG is being faithfully carried forward by dear respected leader  Marshal KIM JONG UN , who is identical to the great leader President KIM IL SUNG.
 Dr Dermot Hudson
President Association For the Study of Songun Politics UK
Chairman Juche Idea Study Group of England
Official Delegate Korean Friendship Association
Chairman UK Preparatory Committee  For the 2017 Gathering to Praise the Great Persons Born of Mt Paektu
Member International Committee For the Study of Songun Politics

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