Saturday, 9 July 2016

Calling for Probe into Truth behind Ferry Sewol Disaster

There took place an all-people rally in Seoul on June 25 calling for amending the special law on the ferry Sewol disaster.
The bereaved families of ferry disaster and over 10 000 south Korean workers, peasants and citizens who participated in the national workers and peasants meetings assembled here.
The speakers at the rally denounced the Park Geun-hye regime for allowing the Ad Hoc Committee for Probing the Truth behind the Ferry Sewol Disaster to continue its investigation till June 30, and for going ahead with administrative procedures for the disorganization of the committee without any legal ground.
The special law was enacted and the special committee was formed by desire of the people, however, the government blocked the investigation, they charged.
They noted that they will reveal the truth to the finish by preserving the ad hoc committee, salvaging the ferry and making a thorough investigation.
At the end of the rally the bereaved families went on a sit-in in front of the building of the puppet government in demand of the withdrawal of the plan to disorganize the committee.
The south Korean authorities deployed about 11 000 policemen of 120 companies around the venue of rally to create a gruesome atmosphere.
The Cheongwadae openly said to a mass media to blank an article about the dead children by the ferry disaster, only to spark off strong rebuff of people of various circle.
In regard to this, the opposition parties charged that it is control of speech and another evidence showing that the Cheongwadae only studies Park Geun-hye’s face and feels concern about looming crisis of the government.

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