Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Interview with Alejandro Cao De Benos , President of the Korean Friendship Association


Dermot Hudson , Official Delegate of the Korean Friendship Association for the UK interviewd
Alejandro Cao De Benos , President of the Korean Friendship Association at the new Pyongyang Cafe, Tarragona on the 13th of July.
  Below is the text of the interview
Q. KFA has existed for 16 years now, please can you explain why founded KFA ?
A. I first created the first government webpage of the DPRK , under the approval of Madame Hong Son Ok(who is now the vice-chairwoman of the Supreme People's Assemby of the DPRK ) and Mun Jae Chol  of the Korean Committee For Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries who had also been the secretary of President Kim Il Sung.  I showed the proposal to them and it was approved. It was intended as a source of information ,  a place to learn about the DPRK and also a contact point for governmental and diplomatic enquries about the DPRK. However most of the enquiries came from ordinary people so I formed the Korean Friendship Association to defend and support the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. KFA was registered with the Ministry of Justice in Spain.
Q. How has KFA expanded  and  developed over the years ?
A. KFA has expanded in a very progressive manner . It has expanded in parallel with the expansion of the internet. It has kept pace with the new generation. Our membership base is young people. The DPRK is the lighthouse for mankind so we are attracting young people. Some DPRK friendship organisations have an aged membership who cannot connect with the younger generation.
Q.Some communist parties such as the Communist Party of Chile(Proletarian Action) and the Communist Party of the Peoples of Spain support KFA . However some Communist Parties are aloof and some even oppose KFA , what do you say about this?
A. Most Communist parties are revisionist and are even inside the capitalist system. They play safe by pretending to be communist.
   The  Communist Party of Chile(Proletarian Action) and PCPE are genuine revolutionary communist parties. 
  The DPRK is the only socialist country, those who reject KFA are rejecting the DPRK the only hope for oppressed and enslaved humanity.
Q.What is the biggest challenge for KFA ?
A.KFA should establish offices and centres throughout the world , in every country. .The success of KFA in Spain should be replicated across the globe !
Q.What is your answer to the slanders against People's Korea?
A. Those slandering the DPRK have no idea of what is going on in the DPRK , they have no friends there so no experience of the lives of the workers and farmers of People's Korea. Visit Korea and see it for yourself.
Q.What do you think of the British and EU sanctions against the DPRK ?
A. They are part of a tactic to violate the sovereignty of the DPRK and destroy the socialist system.
The sanctions will fail because of the strength of the DPRK advancing under the banner of self-development . The DPRK is aiming for food self-sufficiency .
Q. What do you think of the great self-devleopment first idea of dear respected Marshal KIM JONG UN ?
A.This is the only way forward  and the way to develop. It the only way to the paradise of humankind . Self-reliance is the only way out . It was started by the great leader President KIM IL SUNG . President KIM IL SUNG, Chairman KIM JONG IL and Marshal KIM JONG UN  are identicall.
Q. What are your views on DPRK-Cuba relations ?
A.The DPRK-Cuba relations ar based on the blood of revolutionaries and will continue. However Cuba appears to be heading towards the capitalist system and this might slow down relations.It is a pity to see Cuba going this way.Cuba appears to be going in the direction of becoming a leisure
island. In Cuba there is no space in the hotels because of capitalist tourists who want to see what they think is "the leftovers of the socialist system".
Q. What do you  say about those who criticise KFA ?What do you say about those who say UK KFA is just one person ?
A.People who criticise KFA are jealous. Jealous of seeing an organisation with 17,000 plus people worldwide. KFA has united people from diffrerent walks of life to support the DPRK. Let their jealousy consume them !
  No organisation can exist with just one member. How strong the organisation depends on the determination of its members, on being loyal to principles.
 No one else can do what we are doing .
Q. Any message for UK KFA Members ?
A. My message is a message of strength . Do not get influenced by those dogs who bark !
  I was called a terrorist ,  a day dreamer but now the mass media are calling me for interviews. My story is the story of the KFA. KFA is loved by the DPRK and by the dear respected leader
Marshal KIM JONG UN 
   Be strong , be active in every way !

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