Sunday, 24 July 2016

DPRK Scholar on "Art of Self-protection" Peculiar to Park Geun Hye

n article titled "Insight into truth about foul 'art of self-protection' peculiar to bete noire Park Geun Hye."
    It said:
    Hunger strike, writing in blood, hair-cut and candlelight demonstrations have been staged in south Korea by people of political, academic, social, financial and other circles to protest against the deployment of THAAD. Under this situation Park Geun Hye set out on foreign junkets after she gave an instruction to "put a stop to unnecessary controversy over THAAD deployment at once."
    She has so far made foreign trips 24 times to escape public criticism and maintain her office, detested by the world people.
    So, it is needed to dig up the truth of Park's foul "art of self-protection" that serves as a means of existence peculiar to her.
    The first expression of such peculiar "art" can be found in her runaway trip whenever she faced ruling crisis.
    It was well evidenced by the fact that she flew overseas at night in 2013 when a case of the Intelligence Service's involvement in the "presidential" elections was disclosed to endanger her hard-won "presidency".
    When the worst ferry Sewol disaster occurred, burying many school boys and girls at sea, Park hastily ran away from south Korea for fear of the people's growing protest against her total indifference, instead of taking even elementary rescue measure. It is also the wicked hostess of Chongwadae that made a foreign trip, making such invectives as rubbing salt into the wounds of the bereaved families who were worried about bodies of their children, unable to retrieve even bodies in one year.
    Park also fled to Canada in September of 2014 when she was deluged with a flurry of criticism over the "case of beating a soldier to death" that happened in the puppet army contaminated by the mammonism-based jungle law and Yankee-style misanthropy. In April of 2015 when the south Korean people were infuriated over the "case of Song Wan Jong's suicide" related to the scandals of Chongwadae, she sneaked into Kimpho Airport after urging a "strict investigation".
    In October and November of 2015 when the situation of south Korea turned unfavorable to her "yusin" dictatorship and the "introduction of state-compiled textbooks" aimed at confrontation with fellow countrymen in the north, she set out on a overseas tour allegedly to attend an international meeting and toured several countries for 12 days in a bid to escape an anti-"government" protest involving hundreds of thousands of people.
    It is by no means accidental that she took the flight for a foreign tour the next day after the site for the deployment of THAAD was announced.
    Her "self-protective" attitude can be found in evading her responsibilities for all sorts of social irregularities in south Korea.
    Since she came to power, various power-backed scandals have occurred but each time she cunningly dodged her responsibilities for them. She would, at first, make a great fuss, crying out for "strict investigation and harsh punishment" like a thief crying "Stop the thief!" but shelved the matter or imposed penalties on a few subordinates after some time passed and public criticism subsided.
    As far as the ferry Sewol disaster is concerned, Park accused the Maritime Police Agency of neglecting its mission and the Ministry of Security and Administration of failing to play its role and yelled at the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries to take full responsibility for the disaster but, in the end, passed the buck to others, saying that the captain, crewmen and the shipping company should be held accountable for it.
    She was brazen-faced even when the truth was open to public that the puppet authorities were responsible for the disaster as the ferry was overloaded with the building materials for a naval base on Jeju Island, the main cause of the disaster.
    Then, what is lurking behind the evasion of responsibility, one of her "art of self-protection"?
    It is none other than the mode of existence of a "yusin" dictator who mercilessly victimized her closest aides to prolong her despicable remaining days.
    Her "self-protective" attitude can also be found in her frantic confrontation with the fellow countrymen she resorts to whenever she faces ruling crises.
    As she had an unusual experience of reversing the unfavorable situation by raising clamor about "followers of the north" as a heart stimulant in the run-up to the "presidential" elections in 2012, she accustomed herself to use the method every time she found herself in a ruling crisis.
    It is quite natural that the public pays attention to the fact that all rumors about "the north's deeds" during her past three and half years' office came up whenever her ruling crisis reached an extreme phase.
    Then, why does she get so frantic with the confrontation with the compatriots, putting even the successive rulers into the shade?
    It is because plot-breeding, slander, hostility and confrontation targeting the fellow countrymen are the best "art of self-protection" that ensures her stay in power.
    Her dirty "art of self-protection," characterized by habitual runaway trips, shameless evasion of responsibility and heinous confrontation with the fellow countrymen, is a legacy of "yusin" shaped by the former dictator who met a miserable death.
    Due to her "art of self-protection" aimed at prolonging her remaining days, south Korea plunges deeper into a colony of the U.S. and a tundra of human rights and a theatre of immorality and evils.
    Her "art of self-protection" can no longer work on anybody.
    Time will prove what a miserable end she will meet. -

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