Sunday, 10 July 2016

Human Rights in DPRK and US

On the subject of the US , DPRK and human rights I would like to make the following observation . I have visited People's Korea 11 times , the first time was 1992. I have never the police or armed forces in the DPRK threaten anyone with guns or other weapons . In the US it would appear that killings by the police are a regular occurrence and that it is standard practice for the police to act an aggressive manner and threaten people. I can also recall my experience in Brasil in 2007 when being driven back to where I was staying we suddenly encountered a lot of people . We saw they had a young man with his head pushed up against a wall and a policeman had his gun pointed on his head . Never seen anything like this in the DPRK. In fact the police in the light blue uniforms are unarmed and usually just direct the traffic. So who is the real human rights violator Mr Obama ? the DPRK or the US

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